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Reasons Why Foreign Men Choose An Asian Wife

Why do some foreign men prefer to find an Asian wife? A lot of people ask this question. And, there are plenty of possible reasons. It could just be a matter of preference. Or, it could be because an Asian wife is loving, faithful, industrious and a great mom.

Traits Of An Asian Wife That Foreign Men Are Attracted To

To get more answers and insight as to why some foreign guys are really into meeting Asian women, some Asian Date ladies volunteered to weigh in, providing your their opinions as well as their insight:


Yi20 - Asian Date Lady

Yi says that most Asian women are business-oriented. When they do not have a family yet, they would prefer to earn their own money. In her case, for example, plenty of foreign men have complimented her for owning her own business.


YuanYuan29 - Asian Date Lady

According to YuanYuan, there should be mutual respect in a relationship. In most cases, Asian women have the utmost respect for their husband because he is the head and main provider for the family. This is how most Asian ladies are raised.


Fang23 - Asian Date Lady

According to Fang, one of the main reasons why foreign men want to have an Asian wife is being family-oriented. Even at a young age of nineteen or twenty-one, there are Asian women who already aspire to have a family of their own.


MengYuan22 - Asian Date Lady

Most view Asian women as subservient. This simply isn’t true. Asian women are comfortable being in the background. This could be mistaken for complete submission. On the contrary, Asian ladies are strong but they know that they have to sometimes put the needs of their family in front of their own, says Mengyuan.


YiFan19 - Asian Date Lady

Most Asian gals don’t mind great age gaps, said Yifan. In her case, she prefers men who are more mature because they know exactly what they want, and they don’t have the desire to be pretentious in a relationship.

Hopefully, you now understand why having an Asian wife is something that some men dream of. It’s not just because of preference, but it is more of wanting to be with a woman who knows how to hold a man and a family down. Asian women are definitely known to have this trait. For more posts about the Asian culture as well as dating, read other articles on the blog.