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The Formula To Follow When Faced With Rejections

Every time we go online, we always have to deal with the risk of people rejecting us on a dating site or app. It’s alright. It’s the normal cycle of life. Some of us understand and accept this fact, while others have a bit of a problem with it. Not to worry because there’s a formula that each one of us can follow when faced with rejections, whether in life or love.

Change Your Perspective Even If You Are Faced With Rejections

We can’t really do anything about rejection when we are dating. We cannot please everyone and not everyone is going to be attracted to us. The best way that we can deal with the feeling of hurt as we are faced with rejection is to change our perspective.

According to a successful author, a good formula to follow would be “Pain + Reflection = Progress”. This formula can be applied whenever you are faced with rejections when you’re on a dating app, at work, or even at home.

How Does The Formula Work?

It’s simple. The formula allows you to put everything into perspective. It acknowledges the pain that you are feeling. The formula doesn’t negate it, instead, it makes it part of the equation.

Whenever you feel pain, you have to go through it. Don’t suppress it or don’t ignore it. Then, when you’ve had some time to calm down, think and reflect about the situation. What do you think contributed to the pain that you’re feeling? Ask yourself more questions that will allow you to assess everything, especially inwardly. Doing this will help you dissect the situation, and then hopefully learn a lesson from it.

Follow the formula every time you are faced with rejection. It’s simple enough to remember too. For more reviews and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.