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Flirting Mistakes That Will Get You Blocked Online

Men make so many flirting mistakes online that they aren’t even aware of. It’s probably because they keep on following the same (and rather bad) online dating advise they’ve read somewhere unreliable. Well, if this sounds like you, then consider this your wake up call.

You Still Haven’t Found A Date Because You Keep Doing These Flirting Mistakes Online

Online dating offers a vast pool of potential matches. There are different ways on how you can meet these matches, but you’d have to practice online dating tactics that won’t get you blocked. For starters, avoid these flirting mistakes that you keep doing:

1. You assume that every woman wants to be flirted on.

Believing that every woman is available for you to flirt with is simply wrong. Whenever men approach women online, they automatically think that the woman will flirt back. Get this assumption out of your head.

2. Wasting time convincing someone to be interested in you.

This is so common because most men think that women play hard-to-get. Some do, of course, but not everyone. You’re simply wasting your time convincing one person to like you when you can spend your time chatting with someone who is actually interested.

3. You try to stir the conversation towards physical intimacy.

Women who are interested in you will be willing when you stir the conversation towards the direction mentioned. However, your timing has to be right and the circumstances have to be right. If you always talk about things with double meanings or flirt in a way that’s distasteful, don’t be surprised if women don’t respond.

4. Establishing yourself as a high-status man when the woman isn’t interested.

Usually, some dating tips will suggest for you to show how valuable you are when dating online. Yes, a high perceived personal value is a great way to catch a woman’s attention. But, if you boast about yourself too much it send this message: “Why wouldn’t you want to be with me when you should be grateful that I, a high-value man, is even talking to you.” Don’t push it.

It’s time to change your ways. Avoid these flirting mistakes. Be yourself and be respectful at the same time. Continue to talk to women who show interest instead of focusing on ones that are not willing to give you the time of day. For more tips on online dating, read other posts on the blog.