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First Date Tips Applicable to All Women

Going on first dates is sometimes nerve wrecking so you need all the first date tips you can get to prepare you for, perhaps, the most important day in your year. If all goes well, you’ll be saying hello to more moments with the woman you’ve invited out, but, if not, you have to say goodbye to the possibility of you being together as a couple. The pressure is on not just for you but for her too!

First Date Tips For Successful Dating

Planning ahead and planning for romance

Plan your first date – where you’re going to go, what you’re going to do and don’t forget to plan a little bit of romance as well. Planning just makes things easier and it makes your mind focus on what needs to be done. This way, you minimize mistakes and mishaps. Also, since you’ve planned for the romance part of your date – let’s say a romantic walk somewhere the moon and stars are visible – you don’t have to rack your brain thinking of a romantic gesture.

Keep it fun but still romantic

First dates shouldn’t be all that serious. The main goal is to get to know each other and see if you have chemistry. Another one of your goals is that you and your date should be to have a good time together. Great experiences always leave you wanting more, don’t you agree? So, keep it fun, a little bit special yet still casual and romantic.

Be on time

There’s nothing that says: “bad sign” or “bad date coming up” more than a date who’s late. Arriving on time or not is like your first impression. You’ll make a good one when you’re prompt but if you don’t, the rest of the date won’t go well for you. That’s why we mentioned first date tip #1 for you! It’s for you to be prepared and NOT be late.

Approval and attention

Women always want approval and attention. To them, this proves that you are, indeed, interested. By sprinkling a little bit of this (example: “You look great tonight”, “I admire your independence”) during your date, you’re letting her know that you’re also into her. Too much of approval and attention, however, will put her off so make sure that you don’t overdo it. And, too little of it will make her think that you’re not interested at all.

Pay the bill

Women are usually pretty good readers of how men behave. If your date sees that you’re not putting effort into impressing her (paying the bill and being a gentleman), she’ll be unimpressed. This is a very important first date tip: women understand that men invest into things they want may it be investing time, money or energy. If she’s not seeing that from you, then you can kiss that second date goodbye.

So again, plan ahead, don’t forget to plan for romance, keep it light and fun, pick her up on time or arrive on time, give her attention and then pay the bill. The planning part is usually where everything begins so make sure that you have a well thought out plan to impressing her during your first date.