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First Date Questions for Dating Asian Women (Plus Tips)

The first date with an Asian woman can be tricky and awkward – maybe more on the awkward side. It seems that the more you plan for things the more things go wrong. This is ultimately because you’re overthinking things. The best thing to do is NOT to plan for most things at all: how to act, how to dress, what to order and etc. But, there’s one exception if there was ever an area that you needed to plan for: it’s asking the right questions. So we have prepared the best selection of first date questions to help you.

First Date Question That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

The deal is, during your first date with an Asian woman, you have to make a good impression or, at the very least, you have to show your date your personality. You should also be thinking about questions that might trigger an offense so best be careful.

To guide you to the right direction, here are a couple of questions that won’t lead you to dead ends and dead air with Asian women:

1. Tell me about your best friend. What do you like most about him/her?

2. What were you like as a kid?

3. Do you have a nickname? What’s the story behind that?

4. What type of things really make you laugh?

5. What’s biggest life goal as of the moment?

6. Who’s your life’s biggest influence?

7. What’s your most favorite song in the world? How come?

8. What’s your most favorite movie? Why so?

9. What do you hate most about this generations dating process?

10. What pet peeves do you have?

Why do these questions work?

It’s simple why these questions work: 1. Because they are open-ended which means that you get more than just Yes and No answers. 2. You get to know the person more and you have a chance to ask follow ups to these first date questions to get keep the conversation going. This basically tells you that these types of questions won’t make your first date boring and awkward, fulfilling your goal of really testing out if you’re a match for each other or not.

Final Tips

There might be a chance of you not remembering the specific questions that we just shared so instead of memorizing one question after the other, you can just think of your own with the use of these guidelines or tips:

  • Stick to open-ended questions or questions that are NOT answerable with just yes and no.
  • Don’t pour out your negative feelings during the date. This means that if you’re going through something, don’t pour out your emotions during your first date conversation.
  • You must have genuine interest about the topics you’re talking about.
  • Don’t expect to know everything in one date. Take it slow and don’t ask too many questions for the time being. You can reserve that on your next date.
  • Listen more instead of talking more. You’ll be getting your conversation clues this way.

So that’s all we have for now for your first date questions with an Asian woman. The rest is not up to you! Just remember to stick to our tips and, most important of all, ask open-ended questions to avoid being awkward and being boring.

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