Find Love with AsianDate’s Mobile App

AsianDates Mobile AppAsianDate’s mobile app is allowing you to experience love at your fingertips now that its dating application is available for download on Google Play. With features like real-time text chatting, emailing and video chatting, you’ll be able to experience online dating like never before. Romantic emails, late-night chats or mid-afternoon video sharing are now possible just by swiping your finger on your mobile phone’s screen.

You’ll have free access to numerous profiles of breathtakingly beautiful Asian women. You’ll be able to see their profiles, check out their photos and read their interviews so you could get a glimpse of what their personality is like. If more than a dozen profiles catch your attention, don’t worry because you’ll be able to compile and maintain your connection with each woman through your contact list.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to send emails back and forth using the “Email Me” feature. You can exchange messages and all of it will be automatically stored in your inbox which you can access by pressing the message icon on the top of your screen. This is where you’ll access all of your new “letters” and the feature will also keep track of the number of emails a lady has sent you.

As for the live text chatting feature, all you have to do is press the “Live Chat” button to start sending real-time messages. Think of it as texting! You send a message and then you get an instant reply from the AsianDate beauty of your dreams.

It gets even better because you can opt to use the “CamShare” feature which allows real-time text chatting combined with video sharing. You will be able to see each other while you’re typing your messages.

The brilliant thing about AsianDate’s mobile app is that you can use all of these services while at home, at the office or while you’re out. Join the Asian Date family and download your app from Google Play store today.