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Filipina Characteristics that Will Make you Want to Meet One

There are a lot of impressive Filipina characteristics aside from just being exotically beautiful. Can you think of any? We don’t know about you but most men flock at a Filipina’s doorstep once they know the following.

#1: Beauty and Brains

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what would that beauty be if the brain is empty? Those actually rhymed. This is the good thing with Filipinas. They come in all shapes, forms and sizes but someone will always find them attractive. On top of that, they have the brains – either intellectual or street smart. And remember, that is one of the main Filipina Characteristics.

#2: Not High Maintenance.

Only a handful of Filipinas are truly high maintenance. Most women from the Philippines care about what they look like but they’re not too sensitive about it. If they don’t blow dry their hair before going out, it’s no big deal. They feel comfortable in jeans and t-shirts or shorts and t-shirts (because the Philippines is hot) and they wouldn’t think much if they looked basic.

#3: Resourceful.

Most Filipinas know how to be resourceful. This is why there are a lot of Filipina caregivers everywhere, even in the United States. This is a pretty handy characteristic to have too when the time comes that a woman has a family of her own.

#4: Used to roughing it.

It’s no secret that many still consider the Philippines as a third world country. It is true to some extent. There’s a large number of people who are living below the poverty level. Because of this, most Filipino families who have worked their way out of poverty or have elevated their status in some way, know what its like to experience the hardships of life. You may think that this may be an exaggeration but you’ll know once you meet and really get to know a Filipina.

#5: Family values.

Yes, you guessed it. Filipinos, like every other Asian nation, give great importance to family. This means, growing up, Filipinas have the tendency to follow in the footsteps of what she’s used to with her family. If she comes from a good one, great but you may want to think twice if she comes from a family that’s dysfunctional.

If These Filipina Characteristics Impress You, Here’s How You Can Meet One

Of course, most of the things on this list are merely generalizations – observations made in viewing the majority of the women in the Philippines. There are exceptions, just so you know, but dating a Filipina could be the best thing that’ll ever happen to you if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

Now, the question is, where do you meet Filipinas like this? There are a few places:

1. Online – there are a lot of online dating websites that have lots of Filipina members. Just try to pick the ones that have good credibility.

2. The Philippines – Now this might be difficult but the trick is not to try too hard if you are going to the Philippines to find a good woman. This is a whole other topics on its own but we can get to this a little later..

3. Your community – As you may have noticed, Filipinas commonly work abroad. If you take a closer look their might be beautiful women from the Philippines from where you are.