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Feel On Top Of The World With These Gorgeous Mountaineers

There is no doubt that being at the top of a mountain gives you a wonderful feeling, a feeling of absolute freedom and the satisfaction of having reached your destination. If you are into the habit of climbing mountains and want to find the perfect partner, one of these gorgeous mountaineers may just be it.

Enjoy The View With These Gorgeous Mountaineers

Who says pretty girls are only interested in fashion and shopping? These amazing, adventurous ladies are here to break another prejudice. Enjoy.


The first in the list of mountaineering-loving babes.
The 22-year-old doctor loves the satisfaction of reaching her goals.

At the top of our list, there is pretty Yu. Yu is 22 years old, she is a cheerful and lively kind of girl with a strong sense of justice. In her personal life, she says she is warm and generous, at work she does her best to succeed. In her spare time, the beautiful doctor loves mountain climbing, of course. She says that it may be tiring, but loves achieving her goal. She also likes flowers, yoga, reading books, and learning new things. Yu describes her ideal partner as someone who’ll have a stable job and a sense of responsibility. He should also be considerate and understanding.


The second in the mountaineering-loving babes list.
This stunning 20-year-old doesn’t want your money, but she will ask for your time.

The second lady in our mountaineering-loving babes list is sultry Duliya. The stunning 20-year-old from Nanjing describes herself as a very gentle person who seldom gets angry. When Duliya was young, her parents took her to the orphanage to play with children there. Today, she wishes for ‘ world peace’ and does her best to help those in need. In her free time, she likes reading books, doing sports, like yoga, Pilates, golf, swimming, water skiing, skating and, of course, mountaineering. From her partner, the pretty girl doesn’t demand money, but she does want his time. She wants to find a life partner to enjoy and experience life together and to seek for the true meaning of the life.


Ting is the 3rd in the mountaineering-loving babes list.
The stunning girl believes in love at first sight – can you be the proof it exists?

Halfway through this list, we find Ting, a Chinese interior designer. The 25-year-old beauty loves her job and is very devoted to it. She describes herself as romantic, optimistic, friendly, enthusiastic, honest, and considerate. In her free time, Ting loves singing karaoke with her friends and doing outdoor sports, like mountaineering and swimming. She also likes traveling, and she’d like to visit every corner in the world. Ting’s type of man is someone who’ll be her life partner. He needn’t be very handsome or very rich, but full of passion, humorous, positive and sincere.


Yiqing is the fourth in the mountaineering-loving babes list.
For Yiqingconquering a mountain symbolizes conquering her goals.

In the fourth spot of our adventurous list of gorgeous mountaineers, we find a sweet small-town girl from China. Yiqing describes herself as a tender, simple, quiet, and kind girl who loves her hometown and her life. Yiqing is an avid fan of mountaineering. When she gets to the top she feels very happy and excited because it’s like she has conquered a mountain, so nothing is difficult if you try your best. Yiqing’s ideal man is a strong, brave and smart kind of guy who will love, understand, and believe in her.


Yuan is the last one in the mountaineering-loving babes list.
This 27-year-old jeweler is a romantic kind of girl.

Yuan, the last lady on today’s list, is a poetic and romantic kind of girl. She believes that when you find the right kind of person for you, you should never let them go. She hopes to be the light that takes away the darkness of her partner’s life. In her free time, the 27-year-old jeweler loves mountaineering, diving, walking on trails covered with leaves, sleeping on the grass on a sunny afternoon, sitting on the coast waiting for the sunrise, taking her dog for a walk, shopping, and watching a romantic movie. She’s looking for that special someone to do these things with him. He will be someone who’ll inspire her naughty side in bed, and make her feel like she’s at home when he puts his arms around her.

So, if you’re planning on a mountain-climbing adventure, you may find that today’s gorgeous mountaineers are the perfect companion. For more on a girl, click on her profile name. If you’re interested in browsing our previous lists, click here. For even more Asian beauties, visit AsianDate today.