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Family Values to Remember When Dating Asian Women

In the world of dating, may it be from the west or the east, it is always important to get to know the person you will be dating. It helps big time when you know what the person likes or does not like, or what type of movies and food she prefers. That makes planning for dates so much easier, plus, you can get points for knowing a little bit of trivia about the stuff she likes. That is all the more important if the woman you are planning to date is someone from an entirely different culture than your own. In the west, although there are family values, it will not be as important as how Asian women view their family.

Family Values You Need To Be Aware Of


As a culture, people from Asia tend to be more family-centered than people originating from Western cultures. They tend to seek approval and will often be motivated to do some things out of bringing honor to the family values. If you have seen certain films of Asian origin, there will always be a family theme. That’s how important family values are.

The Family’s Approval

In dating, Asian women, in most cases, will always go for someone her family would approve of. Although there are cases of star-crossed lovers here and there, these women would prefer to have her family with her rather than against her. That is one key point to remember. So, if you are trying to impress Asian women, you will also need to impress her family. That might present a challenge, especially if you are someone of a different culture.

The Next Stage

But don’t worry, you won’t be introduced to the family right away. Most of the time, a man is introduced to the family values once the relationship has entered the serious stage where both of you are contemplating an eventual marriage. Once a girl decides to introduce you to her parents, then the relationship has progressed to the next stage.

When meeting her family for the first time, it is necessary to research more about your Asian girlfriend’s cultural background. Despite the similarities of Asian cultures, it will be best to be aware of culture-specific values and etiquette. Make sure you know what is considered polite and rude when in someone’s home. See if bringing of gifts is acceptable and what types of gifts are considered suitable. That should help you put your best foot forward into impressing an Asian family.

The Interrogation

Asian women tend to be valued by their families and would like to have them eventually marry someone who would be able to take care of her and will love her unconditionally. The only way they can make sure of this is by “interrogating” their daughter’s boyfriend. It will somehow feel like an all important job interview and should be treated with importance as this will be their gauge if you truly are a fit for their daughter. That will be another golden opportunity to showcase what a catch you are and that their daughter will be in good hands if you two do end up together.

In summary, family will always be a significant factor in Asian women’s lives. Their family should always be treated with respect and value. In this way, not only do you secure your place in your Asian girlfriend’s heart, but also your position as a member of her family.