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Everything You Need To Know About Being A Back-Burner Partner

Do you know what back-burner means? For example, “Our plans of going on a road trip have been put in the back-burner. We need to save more money.” Simply, to be put in the back-burner means that something is put on hold. This should give you a good idea of what back-burner partner means.

Understanding What A Back-Burner Partner Is

In other words, when you say that someone is a back-burner partner, this person is kept at at arm’s length as a friend so that when the time comes the current relationship ends, there’s a backup (or back-burner partner) who can step in.

Here’s a scenario that will help you understand better: you’re currently in a relationship. You have a person that you can see yourself being in a relationship with. You talk to this person from time to time, maintaining your connection and friendly relationship. You put this person into the back-burner, postponing this person in a way so when your current relationship ends, you’ll have someone as a fallback.

What Is The Difference Of This With Cheating?

Back-burning someone could translate to cheating for most, but it’s definitely not. The difference is that the connection to the back-burner partner is not romantic in nature. It is purely for friendship. The person who is doing the back-burning is simply imagining that a potential relationship can blossom from the friendship.

How Will Back-Burning Affect Your Current Relationship?

As you may have already thought, back-burning won’t be good for your relationship. If you feel like you have options, you might not put an effort into making your current relationship better. You may lose interest in patching things up when arguments arise. If you’re more attracted to your back-burner partner, it’s likely that you might lose your attraction to your relationship totally.

What To Do When You Suspect That Your Partner Is Putting Someone In The Back Burner

When you feel like your partner is back-burning someone, it’s important that you ask him or her about it. However, you shouldn’t approach your partner with anger and aggression. The best way to do it would be to talk to your partner with a tone that’s calm and objective.

If you assume that your partner did this because of a fear, then it would be beneficial to your relationship if you attempt to understand the cause of this fear. It could lead to a deeper learning. For more tips on dating and relationships, read other posts on our blog.