These are the things to do for the most attractive behavior.

Everybody Agrees This Is The Most Attractive Behavior

Even though our appearance is very important as it’s the first thing to catch the eye of our object of desire, the role that our personality and general attitude play is even more important in the long term.  Good looks may grab someone’s attention, but it’s only through our attractive behavior that we can keep it.

The Simple Tricks To Showing Your Most Attractive Behavior

Showing your best side is not about pretending, it’s about focusing on your best qualities and projecting your best sides. So, there’s no need to change yourself, all you need to do it cultivate the sides of you that you’re most proud of. Here’s what most people are attracted to.

#Smile widely.  And smile as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the smile of a model, a genuine smile will make your eyes shine and send the most positive signals to others. It is a sign that a person will be happy by your side and that you can overcome any problem more easily than a pessimist who dwells on the negative aspect of things.

#Pay attention to what people say. The art of listening is something of a lost art these days, with people so focused on their own troubles and worries. A good listener who is not just waiting for his turn to speak but genuinely takes into account what is said (even when he disagrees with it) is a rare find and, thus, someone people want to interact with.

#Be kind. Being kind is not synonymous with being a victim, despite what some might say. Being kind is a sign of confidence and magnanimity, as a giver is someone who’s not afraid of losing what he has and recognizes the gratification that comes with offering to others. As a bonus, people are drawn to kindness and generosity.

#Be trustworthy. One of the most attractive attributes is being dependable. Whether as a friend or as a lover, a person on whom people can rely is a person they will want to be around. Trustworthiness is, without a doubt, a real ‘must’ when you want to draw the attention of a woman.

#Be confident. From your body language to the way you talk, there is probably nothing more charming than oozing confidence. Being proud of who you are also makes you attractive to the eyes of others too, as it automatically convinces them that you have a lot going for you.

#Don’t forget your manners. Being a classy gentleman is a sure-fire way to impress the ladies. It is not one single thing, but rather a way of handling yourself and others in a fashion that’s respectful and decent.

Even if you struggle with some of the things that make up this attractive behavior at first, practicing them will ultimately make you not only more irresistible, but also a better person.