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What Emotional Safety Really Means To A Woman

They say that men need respect while women want to feel loved in a relationship. That is because women long for emotional safety. But, when you’re a man and not too in touch with your emotional side, you might have a hard time understanding what emotional safety means and entails. To succeed in your dating pursuits and relationships, you have to understand emotional safety.

If Your Lady Asks For Emotional Safety, This Is What She Really Means

While women’s emotions can be volatile, emotional safety is more complicated than just chocolates, roses and giggly feelings over a romantic scenario. Women need much more than that:


Different women communicate through different love languages. Some women like receiving roses and chocolates. Some love material things, other prefer time spent with them, while others value service. It is important to know how a woman wants to be loved because no matter how much you think that you are giving everything, she might not appreciate it because it isn’t her love language.

Acceptance And Respect

We are in the modern times so many women have studied and have become successful. They want to be accepted and respected for their opinions. Usually, it is a confident man who can give this – someone who has no insecurity in himself. Even if his woman is earning more than him or is occupying a higher position, it shouldn’t be a problem. She should also be able communicate herself honestly and be herself without fear of judgment or criticism.

Her Man’s Desire

More often than not, women are very sensitive to their looks because the bottom line is they want to be desired. While she knows that many women are sexier, have better skin, and are taller. However, women should not hear it from their man. This is not objectifying the woman, it is making her secure that she alone occupies her man’s heart.

Relationship Progress

One of the things that make women really feel safe is if she believes the relationship is going somewhere. Surprisingly, when a man spends time doing simple things such as cleaning the house or cooking together, it already sends a message of commitment to the relationship.

In a nutshell, emotional safety for a woman can be all or a combination of these many things – love, acceptance, respect, being desired, security, or passion. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.