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Elements Of Compatibility You Should Be Examining

Compatibility is such an important factor in any relationship. It needs to be there in order for a couple to stay connected and become in sync. However, what we must remember with relationship compatibility is that it has a lot of elements. What elements of compatibility should potential couples be looking at?

Your Complete Elements Of Compatibility Checklist

When two people are drawn to each other and would want to start a relationship, they need to look at different elements during their dating phase to ensure that they are truly compatible:

1. Emotional Intimacy

Despite being unreliable, we still put emotions at the forefront of a relationship. Emotional intimacy is all about how comfortable you are with sharing your personal feelings with your partner.

2. Emotional Stability

This will determine the steadiness of your temperament. Do you easily get upset? Does your partner blow up whenever you have a small argument?

3. Accommodation

Do you understand and respect your differences of opinion? Accommodation means that you give way to each others’ needs.

4. Affectionate

This is about expressing your feelings or showing tenderness to your partner. How much of it do you show to each other?

5. Relationship Values

How important is your partner? How important is it that you maintain a happy and healthy relationship? When you answer these questions, you’ll know what your relationship values are.

6. Religious Values

Faith is a source of big fights in relationships. It is no wonder that a religious leader would advise their members to find someone who shares the same religious values.

7. Romance And Physical Intimacy

Are romance and physical closeness important to you? You need to ask the same question to your partner to determine if you are compatible in this area.

8. Intellect

Cleverness and intelligence are two things that have proven to be important in relationships. People who have about the same level of understanding are usually drawn to each other.

9. Social Values

Social Values is the degree of importance you put in having a family and a group of friends in your life.

10. Agreeableness

This speaks of being kind, cooperative, warm, as well as considerate towards your partner.

11. Exclusivity

There should be a mutual agreement of only having one partner at a time, in the case of monogamous relationships. Or, if you are willing to be in an open relationship, you have to agree about that too.

12. Alienation

If you review the word carefully, alienation is a negative state. But, you need to be honest with your partner about how you handle things when you are upset so you can easily resolve a conflict.

13. Altruism

Values and beliefs are at play when talking about altruism. It’s your willingness to help others.

14. Athleticism

Both partners have a certain degree of influence towards their partners’ lifestyle. But, friction may arise when the other partner is not into physical activity at all.

15. Conscientiousness

This is about being diligent and organised. It’s also about doing what is right.

16. Extroversion

Extroversion is about having an outgoing personality and enjoying large groups of people. How about your partner? Is he or she more introverted? Chat about it to find out.

17. Obstreperousness

This is about the degree of being dominant and opinionated to the point of being quarrelsome.

No relationship is perfect. So, the elements of compatibility may not be all present in each and every couple. But, if your relationship has at least 75% of what has been listed above, you are in a good boat that could possibly sail for the long-haul trip. For more tips, read the rest of our blog.