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Easy Ways To Test Your Compatibility With Your Date

Commonly, when two people who are dating instantly “click”, we say that they have good chemistry or that they are compatible with each other. However, because chemistry, or whatever you want to call it, is not a numbers game, it can be hard to test your compatibility and tell if someone is truly in sync with a person they have just started to date.

Three Unexpected Ways to Test Your Compatibility with Your Date

Although chemistry cannot be quantified, there are ways around knowing if you truly click with the person you’re dating. Here’s a list of unexpected yet simple ways you can test your compatibility with your date:

1. Your words and writing match.

Based on a study published in Psychological Science, a couple who speaks and writes in similar ways are more compatible with each other. Those who conducted the study found that 80% of the couples in their control group who have similar writing styles are still together after three (3) months.

As for speaking, the study had pairs of college students in their test group. Through speed-dating, the students were able to chat using a given set of questions. The pair whose language style were in sync were four times more likely to want to have future contact.

2. Life goals match.

When in a relationship, it’s important that life goals align. More specifically, it’s best that the couple is on the same page in their life. Life goals, priorities, drive, ambition, the desire to have the same outcome should all align.

3. The levels of support you have for each other match.

As the marriage vow goes, “for better or for worse”. You’re not exactly going to get married (yet) but the vow tells you a concrete requisite for being in a committed relationship. The couple has to stick together in good times as well as the bad. If this aspect of the relationship is out of sync, ex. one only seems to appear when things are going great but disappears when things are not so magnificent, maybe it’s time to further test your compatibility.

Being head over heels with someone instantly makes you feel that you are compatible but, for the relationship to have a higher chance of success, it’s essential to test your compatibility with the person you’re dating. Please visit our blog for more helpful advice on dating and relationships.