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How To Easily Spot Serial Daters

What are serial daters? In case you didn’t know, a serial dater is someone who goes out on a lot of dates. Despite the quantity, this person never really goes into any kind of relationship, whether it is serious or otherwise.

Watch Out For Serial Daters

No one really wants to waste time, right? You go online dating, or you meet people offline because you want to find a person who you can consider as a good match. Eventually, your goal is to be with that person. This doesn’t happen with serial daters. They just date around for the fun of it. They could have commitment issues or other underlying problems.

You would never want to be with this person if your intent is to find someone who you can be in a relationship with. But, how do you know if a person is a serial dater or not? Here are some signs to watch out for:

#1 They’re in a hurry to date.

Let’s say you met online. A serial dater would want to meet in person and go on a real date as soon as possible. Even if you did not have a long and deep conversation, this person will still insist on seeing you in real life.

#2 No in-depth questions.

When you are on the date, this person doesn’t usually ask you in-depth questions about you and your life. For example, the person doesn’t ask you about your dreams or ambitions.

#3 No feelings too.

During your conversations, a serial dater will most likely avoid sharing his or her feelings with you. Remember that they don’t want a connection so sharing how they feel about something or at the moment is a no-no.

#4 Only fun is allowed.

You would want to date a person who will always be there for you no matter what the situation is. A serial dater will head for the hills at the first instance of a negative experience. For example, you did not agree on something minute. This type of person will instantly see it as a red flag.

#5 The focus is only on physical intimacy.

Serial daters focus more on the physical aspect of a date or potential relationship. As mentioned, this person will avoid connecting with you on a deep level for the fear of attachment.

If you want just a physical relationship, then it may be fine for you to date this type of person. But, if it’s something serious that you seek, avoid this person at all costs. For more tips on dating, read more from our blog.