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Dos and Donts When Complimenting Chinese Women

There’s the right way and the wrong way to compliment Chinese beauties. Here’s a good example of doing it the wrong way: complimenting Chinese women with the same old line over and over again. It gets old and there’s a dozen other ways that you can do to make your compliment more effective. Start with these 6 to get the ball rolling.

What You Need To Know About Complimenting Chinese Women

DO: Compliment her on her action or personality.

Complimenting Chinese women on their character trait, personality or their action can be more significant than complimenting her on her looks. It’ll be much easier for you too because it is a direct and more meaningful observation. If she makes a joke, tell her that she’s witty and funny. If she knows a lot of facts, compliment her on being smart and so on.

DO: Learn compliments in Chinese.

Asians are always impressed once foreigners exhibit a specific skill they are good at. If you’re good at linguistics, it’ll be a good advantage for you to learn a few compliments in Chinese. She’ll be impressed and it’ll communicate your sense of connection to her language and culture.

DO: Research and understand the Chinese standard of beauty.

Beauty standards are different across the world. What you may find beautiful may not be beautiful at all to others. Let’s say you think that having a darker more tan complexion is sexy and beautiful (which is the case with most foreigners). It’s different in China because they find the opposite to be more attractive – whiter, paler skin.

DON’T: Ever use jokes or sarcasm in complimenting Chinese women.

There are a lot of Chinese women who have been influenced with culture from other countries in the US or in Europe. However, this influence is just superficial so if you do use jokes or sarcasm in complimenting Chinese women, they may not fully understand the gist or the intention behind what you said.

DON’T: Use cheesy pick-up lines.

Here’s another don’t that you should avoid 100% of the time – pick-up lines. You may find them funny and cute but traditional Chinese women may not understand the line fully. You’ll just end up flat on your face, smack dab in the middle of an awkward moment. No pic-up lines please.

DON’T: Use negativity.

Usually, pick up experts say that negging works with women. Negging as in the idea of undermining a woman’s confidence to earn her approval.

It may work with some women but it doesn’t when it comes to complimenting Chinese women. Negative remarks don’t really affect them the same way because what you view as negative is not negative to them at all. Their weight for instance. Most Chinese women don’t mind people mentioning their weight because it’s a common thing, especially in their family so, she’ll just think nothing of it when you tell her that she’s gained a few pounds.

Follow the DOs and DON’Ts and Make up Your Own

Based on these 6, you’ll be able to make one, two or even three compliments of your own. Think of these as principles that you can stick to. Try it yourself and see Chinese beauties light up every time you pass them a compliment.