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Dos and Don’ts of Chatting with Asian Beauties Online

Working out the do’s and don’t of chatting with Asian beauties online is essential because you’d want to impress them with your messages or chats. If we compile of the do’s and don’t together, it may take a while but here are five of the most common and the most basic things you need to be aware of.

Chatting With Asian Beauties Online Should Look Like This

Don’t  #1: Do not send a: “Hey” and do not send a 5-page autobiography.

Sending a message that’s too short means that you’re not putting in that much effort. On the other hand, sending a message that’s too long is sort of saying that you’re desperate. Just make sure that the word count is somewhere in between being too short and being too long.

Do #1: Pay attention to what she’s saying on her profile.

Read her profile so you’ll get an idea of who she is, what her interests are and what her dislikes are. Don’t just skim through it. Go ahead and read the entire thing. Chances are, it won’t be that long anyways.


Hi my name is Chris. I like playing badminton and it seems that you do too. I saw it in your profile. How often do you play?

Isn’t this simple and painless? Keep in mind that this is a chat message so you don’t need a full intro of yourself. Just tidbits.

Don’t  #2: Do not ask her about what type of Asian she is.

When chatting with Asian beauties online, you absolutely must avoid this question. It’s tempting! It’s very tempting but, if you really think about it, does her type of Asian matter to you? It shouldn’t because you need to show her that you’re interested in her as a person.

DO  #2: Do ask her about her life in her country.

Instead of asking her about what type of Asian she is, try asking her about her daily life in her country. It’s not offensive at all and it gives you the chance to know more of her. Just remember to avoid anything Asian-related.


Hi my name is Chris. I saw in your profile that you work as a hotel manager. Have you been in this industry for a long time? I’ve had similar jobs before but it only last 2 years.

Don’t #3: Do not ask about her religious beliefs.

You should know that Asia is a cultural melting pot hence there’s also a mixture of religion from Christianity, to Catholicism, to Buddhism, to Hinduism and etc. If you’re not the open-minded type of person, you should avoid questions about religion in order to avoid conflicting beliefs.

Do  #3: Do pay attention to the pictures she posts.

Another way of showing that you’re indeed paying attention is by mentioning a few of her pictures or videos. Some dating websites do have features where women can upload a video of themselves. Saying that you noticed that she took a picture of a gourmet meal she had 3 days ago is a good ice-breaker. Asian girls love taking pictures and selfies so might as well use them to your advantage.


Hi my name is Chris. I couldn’t help but notice that you posted a picture of (insert name of food here) at (insert name of restaurant here). It’s my favorite place to eat at! I usually order (whatever food you had in mind). How did you find the place?

There’s plenty more where that came from so check back again soon for more helpful content!