An unhappy marriage is not worth salvaging.

The Times When Divorce Is Better Than Staying In An Unhappy Marriage

When people enter a marriage, they are full of hope and dreams and the certainty their bond is unbreakable. Unfortunately, this is not always the way things go. For those of us who haven’t been blessed with marital bliss, it’s not all doom and gloom, though. Leaving an unhappy marriage may be the best decision we can make for ourselves.

Sometimes The End Of An Unhappy Marriage Is A Blessing In Disguise

Even though it may not be clear from the start, there are, indeed, times when the only way forward is to take a step back and finish a marriage that’s no longer satisfying. These are some of these cases.

You Can Finally Focus On Yourself

By definition, relationships demand a lot from us to work. But some marriages are so consuming that the spouses end up forgetting who they are and what makes them special. Instead, spending too much time with another person and trying to please them takes the focus away from us and we become who our partners want us to be, or an amalgam of what we used to be and what they are. The end of a marriage can bring the focus back on you, though. It’s a time to appreciate yourself again, rediscover the attributes that make you lovable and go after the things that bring you happiness.

You Become A Better Parent Than You Were In the Marriage

Many people persistently stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of their children, thinking that their offspring would be devastated if they decided to get a divorce. However, what these parents forget is how painful it is for a child to be in an environment where there’s constant arguing, sulking, bitterness and cold stares. Children are, in fact, happy when their parents are happy too. In terms of time, you may not be able to see your child as much as you did when you lived under the same roof, but you should bear in mind that it’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the time spent together.

A Divorce Is Your Key Out Of A Bad Contract

It is quite often that people liken being in a marriage to running a company. When that company doesn’t do well despite his efforts to save it, a wise entrepreneur will decide to dissolve the company, just as a spouse will have to dissolve an unhappy marriage that cannot be salvaged.

A Divorce May Be A New Lease On Life, Not The End Of It

As we are going through the ugly steps that are required to end a marriage, and experience the painful stages of a breakup, we may convince ourselves that there is no one out there for us, that we have had our chance to find happiness and failed miserably, even that we don’t deserve to be loved and admired again. This is all very natural because there’s still a gaping wound that makes us feel this way. However, if we look around us there are so many people who actually managed to move on and found love the second time around.

Even if it takes some time, we will soon realize that the end of an unhappy marriage is not the end of the world. In reality, it can be the only right thing to do for ourselves, our former spouse and our children.