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Disadvantages and Advantages of Having a Pinay Girlfriend

Do you know what Pinay means? It’s a shortened Filipino expression for Filipina. So, Pinay is basically any woman who was born and raised in the Philippines. Interested in getting yourself a Pinay girlfriend? Well, we’re here to say that it can be both bitter and sweet.

What You Must Know About Having A Pinay Girlfriend

You may be thinking that every relationship is bitter-sweet but it’s slightly different when you’re with a Filipina. The bitter becomes more bitter and the sweet part becomes sweeter. It’s hard to imagine but to give you a clue on what this is like, we bring you advantages and disadvantages of having a Pinay girlfriend.

#1 Disadvantage: The decision making will be 75-25

Forget about your Alpha-male-ness because the decision making in the relationship will be 75-25. 75% hers, the rest of the 25% is yours. This is because Pinays have a more dominant personality. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a say in the relationship. What she allows you to decide – what movie to watch, what restaurant to go to and so on – will be solely yours.

#2 Advantage: Rewards, rewards

The 75-25 doesn’t apply to all decision making situations. Here’s the thing, the more you let your Pinay girlfriend decide on whatever she wants for the relationship, the more she will reward you for doing so. A Pinay’s rewards can come in different forms: delicious, home-cooked meals, more fun in the bedroom, more affection, surprise gifts and more of you just being the man in the relationship (meaning that you get to decide on most things like watching the game instead of watching a Filipino talk show on TV). Ever heard of the expression: “happy wife, happy life”? In this case, it’s “happy Pinay girlfriend, happiness with no end” or something like that.

#3 Disadvantage: The family

You’re not the first to comment on a Pinay’s family, you know, so chill out. Her family will be extra accommodating to you because: 1. you’re the guest, 2. you’re the foreigner guest. Filipino families love entertaining guests, all the more so when the guest is a foreigner. All the attention will be on you which can get a little annoying. A Filipino family is pretty big too so you might find it hard to remember everyone’s names which, again, could be irritating. You’ll also be put on the spot often, asked questions often and stared at often by the rest of the family members, just so you know.

When this happens, although the feelings of annoyance and irritation are creeping up, all you can really do is go with the flow.

#4 Advantage: The family

Here’s the upside to your Pinay girlfriend’s family. They may be around often and that may be annoying but a Filipino family sticks together. Once you’ve been identified to be “one of the family” you’re in, you’ll always have people who will support you and your Pinay girlfriend. Her family has her best interest at heart and if her best interest involves being with you, then they’ll be sure to support your relationship until you’re married (that is is if they conclude that your intentions are sincere).

A Bitter-Sweet Concoction of Goodness

This is just part 1 and we’re going to do a part 2 real soon because there’s more to this bitter-sweet mixture. But, anyway, now you probably know when we say that the bitter becomes more bitter but, more importantly, the sweet also becomes sweeter.