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Different Ways To Nurture Intimacy

When talking about intimacy in relationships, it’s not just produced by being physical together. True intimacy can take place with or without being physically intimate. Unfortunately, there are plenty of couples who believe that it’s the only way to nurture intimacy in a relationship.

Nurture Intimacy Through Acceptance And Support

In your relationship, you have to focus on acceptance and support to nurture intimacy. In a practical sense, you can try the following tips to make your partner feel accepted and cared for:

1. Honor The Past

You have to accept your partner’s past and vice versa. If you think about it, your partner wouldn’t be the person he or she is if it weren’t for those past experiences. Yes, some of them may not be desirable, but it’s important that you accept your partner as a whole, past and all.

2. Acceptance Of Your Partner’s Social Circles

Another aspect of your partner’s life that you need to accept is his or her social circles. You have to mingle with your partner’s friends, in short. You don’t have to become their best friend, necessarily, but you do have to be open to meeting them and getting to know them.

3. Acceptance Of Faults

If you have already accepted your partner’s past, then you also have to accept his or her flaws. Remember that you are not perfect too, so your partner is bound to find faults in you that he or she needs to accept as well.

4. Consistently Present

You don’t have to be physically in the same room to be present. You also don’t have to update your partner constantly about what you’re up to for him or her to feel your presence in your relationship. This means that you should reassure your partner that even though you’re away, he or she is always in your heart and thoughts.

Nurturing intimacy can even be as simple as being present for your partner. You have to be mentally and emotionally present to address his or her needs. Your partner also has to be willing to do the same. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.