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What To Do If You Have Different Love Languages

We don’t usually think about love languages. However, it’s important to consider them especially when you meet potential online dates here. Later on, when we find out that we’re not as compatible with our partner as we thought, it’s when we dissect everything. If you’re already in a relationship, you might ask if it’s possible for two people with different love languages to get along.

Dealing With Different Love Languages In A Relationship

The good news that it can be dealt with. When you’re dating, it shouldn’t be considered as a deal breaker, per se. But, it will be challenging because both you and your partner need to adjust. It’s not just one person that need to do all the work. So, how can a couple do it exactly?

1. Look At Your Past

Before you can understand your present, you have to, first, understand your past. Take this time to recall how you express love in your former relationships. What do you think your love language is? As soon as you identified your love language, ask yourself how it causes friction in your current relationship. Your partner should do the same.

2. Going Against The Grain

Understand that the love language you have was formed during your childhood. It could have been the product of your upbringing or your family’s culture. You may have to go against you or your family’s typical values or rules to balance out your relationship. For example, if your love language is giving, and your partner thinks that you give too much to your family, then you may want to tone the giving down a bit.

3. Be In Touch With Your Emotions

Not everyone is willing to be in touch with their emotions, but it is necessary when you want to understand you and your partner’s love language. You have to be willing to open up and be in touch with how you feel. It’s going to be a challenge to some, but getting in touch with one’s feelings can lead to a better understanding of the self.

If you and your partner both put in the effort needed to make your relationship work, you will come up stronger despite having different love languages. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.