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Differences Between an American Asian Girl and an Asian Asian Girl

There are different types of Asian girls but, basically, these types can be categorized into two: an Asian Asian girl or an American Asian girl (replace America with another country if the case is different). As what the terms suggest, an Asian Asian girl is a girl who was born and raised in her country in Asia and has never left the country before to live some place else. An American Asian girl, however, is an Asian girl who has gone to America at a young age or was born in America (or another non-Asian country).

How Is American Asian Girl Different From An Asian Asian?

Easy enough to remember, right? If you’re someone who wants to date an Asian girl online or offline, then you need to know what the difference is between the two. Knowing the difference between the two can significantly improve the way you approach Asian girls you’ll meet both online and offline:

1. Traditional VS Liberated

The values and beliefs between the two kinds of Asian girls are vastly different. An Asian Asian girl, though influenced by Western culture, is still very traditional when it comes to the way she views things in life. The American Asian girl, on the other hand, is more liberated in her way of thinking so being touchy and flirty on the first date may be acceptable.

2. Open VS Closed

Contrary to what you might be thinking, Asian Asian girls are more approachable compared to American Asian girls. This is especially true if the one doing the approaching is a foreigner. You’ll get better responses when you approach an Asian Asian girl at a coffee shop cafe. An American Asian girl probably has her guard up since she knows that only her “Asian-ness” is attracting you to her – she might be wrong and she might be right. Point is, she has her guard up.

3. Clear Message VS Hazy Message

This is case to case but, most of the time, Asian Asian girls tend to understand what you’re telling them differently. They misinterpret your message or they absolutely miss the gist of it. In this case, you may not be able to crack the jokes that you’ve been practicing for a long time because there’s a chance that she might not get it. But, with an American Asian girl you can crack all the jokes you want. She may not find some of it funny but at least she understands them fully.

4. Game Plan A VS Game Plan B

The thing is you’d have t adjust your game plan depending on the kind of Asian girl you’re dealing with. Apart from the first three that we mentioned, you have to do the work to really understand other differences others have observed with the two kinds of Asian girls. It basically boils down to culture and influences – major factors that play their individual roles in the Asian dating scene.

Final Tip

The most important thing is to do is to take note of cultural differences, like what we said earlier. If you do the effort, it’s highly likely that you’re going to get the Asian girl of your dreams.