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Date Ideas Japanese Girls Hate

Japanese girls are cute to boot and are a joy to be with. But in order to impress that Japanese cutie you are eyeing, a lot of stress is put on the dates you take her on. After the first few rounds, the bubble tea and cake just can’t cut it anymore. And, if you want to keep that girl, you had better come up with some amazing, interesting and fun dates. There are a lot of date ideas you can come up with, but we suggest, steer clear of these 5 date ideas to make sure that Japanese ladyfriend you have will stay right where she is.

Avoid date idea #1: Amusement Park

This may seem cute and fool proof, but believe me, these Japanese girls are kinda sick of it. Sure this can be cute, if you’re 12 and crushing on your date. Besides, they prefer going to these places with friends where they can goof off and be silly. Remember, Japanese girls put a lot of effort into dates and they want to be super feminine and girly when out on one. Queueing for rides and walking a lot may not be the best dating idea.

Avoid date idea #2: Karaoke

Wait…what? Yes, karaoke is one of the favorite things Japanese do. But for dates, better steer clear. Why? It’s because these Japanese girls are quite concerned about the embarrassment you will cause them when your singing voice is less than stellar. Though really, they are just worried that you will feel bad if they start laughing at your singing. And, what if your and her music tastes don’t jive? It’s just too much of a risk.

Avoid date idea #3: Swimming

Japan is a nation that weighs heavily on looks and appearances. Not that they are shallow, it’s just that they always make sure they look their best. Japanese girls worry about their figure and their skin. Okay, so you know she definitely would look great in a bikini, but she might not feel that way about herself. Besides, in a culture where fair skin is definitely favored, your date might not want to get bronzed up in the sun. So being a good date, try to plan dates where she need not shed her clothes for fear of her figure or her getting sunburnt.

Avoid date idea #4: Road trip

In the western world, road trips are a go-to for romantic dates. A long leisurely drive into the sunset will definitely score you points. But for Japan, this may seem a bit more awkward. Sitting in silence or maybe with the radio on is not something these ladies like. Besides, they are worried about motion sickness and are afraid of embarrassing themselves. This is usually the case with a nation whose public transportation system is so efficient.

Avoid date idea #5: Movie theaters

Oh, the surprises you have Japan! In the dating world, movies are usually always the first thing you suggest. But then again, in a culture where politeness is almost to a fault, it is a must (nearly required unless you want to be labeled as a rude prick) to be silent throughout the film to the end of the credits. Yes, one must be polite enough to acknowledge the whole movie and respect it as it plays. Well, dating is about getting to know the person, and how do you do that if you have to watch silently the whole time? So, no. Better rent a DVD and watch it at home where you two can cuddle.