Need A Date To A Basketball Game? They Would Be Perfect

These days, it’s hard to meet a lovely, feminine girl who is really into basketball. A basketball game is, generally, viewed as something only men are interested in. Some women like it but they are not totally into it. However, let’s not include the Asian ladies we have on this week’s list with this notion.

Which One Of These Girls Will Be Your Next Basketball Game Date?

As mentioned, the ladies that we are going to introduce love to, both, watch and play basketball. Don’t let their looks deceive you because they might just run circles around you on the court:


Tiantian 22 - Asian date lady

Tiantian is a lady who likes a lot of sports, not just basketball. She also likes to swim. From time to time, after practicing her free throws she goes to the pool for a quick dip. She would like to meet a man who is sincere, honest, and is not threatened by an independent woman.


Min 25 - Asian date lady

If you want to take Min as your basketball game date, make sure that you do not lie to her. She hates nothing more than people who are dishonest. On a lighter note, though, she is willing to share her happiness with the one she falls for.


Cindy 31 - Asian date lady

This is Cindy. Her friends gave her the nickname little bunny because she resembles one in terms of cuteness. She loves to watch basketball on TV but hopes to watch a live NBA game when she visits the states. She’s currently working as a financial adviser.


Yan 20 - Asian date lady

Yes, Yan can look really slim but she does basketball during her free time. She also does dancing and hiking. She is a lady with many sports hobbies. On top of that, she’s also into fashion and design. She is one interesting woman.


Han 22 - Asian date lady

Lastly, we have Han who loves to watch basketball games both live and on the TV. She just started playing herself so she kind of needs someone who can teach her the plays and other techniques. Will you be able to coach her?

Imagine that it’s game day. Which lady are you going to ask out to watch the basketball game with you? Remember that you can get to know the ladies more by visiting their profiles. To do that, you simply click on their name. For more profiles of gorgeous Asian ladies, check out our blog.