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If You Date Asian Woman You Should Never Ask These Questions

Asian women are so attractive that they get approached all the time on online dating sites. You can talk about (almost) anything under the sun with them, but there are topics that you need to stay away from. If you’re familiar with Asian culture then good for you. You’ve probably been doing your homework before you’ve started to date Asian woman of your dreams, but if you’re not familiar with the culture, here are five questions that you absolutely cannot ask an Asian woman.

What To Avoid When You Date Asian Woman

1. “Aren’t you too young/too old to be on an online dating site?”

OK, an Asian woman would understand your curiosity, but talking about their age could be something of a touchy subject. Just remember that they are on the dating site for the same reason as you – to find the love of their life – and age shouldn’t be the first question that comes out of your mouth.

2. “You’re a waitress?”

Asking about someone’s job is a pretty basic question especially if you’re getting to know each other, but making it sound condescending is a big no-no. Some of the ladies in Asia have had good education but some have not, so it’s important for you to have a neutral reaction when she tells you that she has a blue-collar job.

3. “How many boyfriends have you had?”

There is nothing wrong with this question if you’ve been chatting with each other for quite some time. If you date Asian woman for some time now and she feels comfortable with you, then she will give you the truthful answer. If it’s your first time to talk, however, restrain yourself from asking this question because it can be offensive – even if it’s a non-Asian woman you’re talking to.

4. “How much do you earn exactly?”

If you’re familiar with Asian cultures at all, you’ll know that asking this kind of question is downright impolite. In no type of circumstance can this question be an “interesting topic” to discuss, especially since you’re on a dating site to meet Asian women. You are there to get to know her as a person and not to categorize these Asian women by income.

5. “Do you really eat weird food?”

It’s very rare that you meet an Asian woman that likes to eat dog, insects or whatever as a pastime. Don’t be rude by asking if she enjoys eating dog or something similar. This is a topic that’s best discussed when you’ve actually become friends with an Asian woman.

Don’t Be Offensive If You Date Asian Woman (or any other for that matter)

As you’ve noticed, most of these questions are pretty self-explanatory. If you’re still unsure on whether one or another topic is acceptable for discussion, we recommend that you stick to getting to know her as a person – ask about what she likes to do for fun, ask her about her favorite movies and music, etc. That’ll keep the conversation going. Once the Asian woman that you like trusts you fully, you can insert some (SOME, NOT ALL) of the questions we have here into your conversations.

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