Dangers of Online Dating Using Newer Apps

Online Dating Safety Tips You Should RememberThese days, newer dating apps like Tinder make online dating more fun and exciting. These new apps make it possible for two people who are in the same state or in the same area to meet and have an instant date! While things may be easier and more exciting (since everyone is using these apps), it doesn’t mean that it’s any safer than traditional online dating sites. This post specifically serves as a reminder for those who would like to or are trying out online dating with newer apps: your safety should be your top priority.


Danger #1: Faking it

A person faking his or her profile has been an online dating danger ever since the onset of the popularity of online dating. The danger to this is if you find out that the person you’ve been talking to is fake, your efforts would have gone to waste. There are also cases of fake online dating profiles that lure online daters to fall for them and then they ask for financial assistance. Naturally, the one who’s “fallen in love” would oblige. This is a great reminder for online daters out there to really get to know the person first, check out their social media accounts or ask for specific pictures of them doing an activity for you to further verify their identity.

Danger #2: Let’s meet somewhere private

Since the goal for these dating apps these days is to “hook up”, online daters who use these new apps have been known to meet in places where it is more private. This is a no-no because if the other person has ill intentions (like intentions to hurt you), you wouldn’t be able to ask for help if the place is secluded.

Danger #3: I know where you live

Never give out your home address! There have been cases where online daters who use newer dating apps give up their home address after a few days of sweet talk from someone they’ve met online. If the person you’re in contact with turns out to be a stalker, you as well as the rest of the people that live in your house, will have heaps of trouble following you.

Danger #4: Information overload

What if you’re too open to the person you’re talking to online? Let’s say this person has gotten you to trust them and you tell your life like it’s an open book? There seems to be no harm in that, right? WRONG. You have to be selective in the kind of information you give out in order to protect yourself, protect your information and protect your identity.

Always Think About Your Safety

If you think that a lot of adult have solid common sense to keep themselves safe, think again. To trust easily is a good trait to have, but not with online dating or dating apps that allow you to meet people that are near you. Always prioritize your safety, never give out specific information about yourself, never give your home address and always meet in a public place if you have to.