Babes from Kazakhstan that will blow your mind.

No Need To Go Looking For The Cutest Babes from Kazakhstan, They Are Here

Kazakhstan, the 9th largest country in the world with a very low population density (6 people per square mile) means “The Land Of Wanderers”, from Persian word “Kazakh”, which means wanderer and “stan”, which means land. But you won’t need to wander looking for the most amazing babes from Kazakhstan – we’ve got them on our list today.

Meet Exciting Babes From Kazakhstan, The Original Land Of Amazons

Not only are they exotic and beautiful, Kazakh women are the descendants of Amazons, the mythical brave tribe of female warriors. According to historians, there is clear evidence that Scythian women of the 7th to 3rd centuries B.C. fought as warriors. Don’t worry, though, there’s no need to fight with our babes today. On the contrary, you will find that they are super sweet and caring.


Kamaliya is in the first from of our babes from Kazakhstan list.
Model and actress Kamaliya doesn’t believe life is black and white.

We’re kicking off our list with beautiful Kamaliya, a 21-year-old actress from Almaty. Kamaliya describes herself as romantic, caring, honest, kind, and realistic. She says life is not black and white, so there is no pure sadness or pure happiness in the world. The raven-hair beauty is studying drama and she’s working as a model. In her free time, Kamaliya loves photography, reading, drawing and working out. She also loves traveling, has been to Europe and says her dream destination is the Maldives. Her ideal man should also be her best friend, not just a husband and lover.


The sweet brunette is the second in the babes from Kazakhstan list.
Rumina says she is a dreamer and a true romantic

The second lady on this list is Rumina. The 21-year-old girl with the gentle looks is an interior decorator who describes herself as a dream and a true romantic. She also says she loves to communicate with people and is a cheerful kind of girl. Rumina makes a point of keeping fit. She says that she’d love to visit Thailand and Morocco. The kind of man that this slender lady is looking for is someone who’s kind, honest, sincere, humorous guy who will share both the good times and the bad ones with her.


Aida is right in the middle of the babes from Kazakhstan list.
Aida wants a man who’ll be a part of her life and support her in all beginnings.

Already halfway through our list of babes from Kazakhstan, we meet pretty Aida, a 27-year-old administrator from Almaty who loves her job. In her own words, Aida is a “sociable, self-confident enough, many-sided person” who believes that “there is nothing impossible in this life”. The beautiful brunette’s interests involve bowling, reading history books and literature, traveling, spending time with good company and enjoying nature.  Aida says that the man of her dreams will be family-oriented, serious, loving and witty. He should also be a part of her life and support her in all beginnings.


Raushan in the penultimate position of babes of Kazakhstan list.
Raushan lets her curiosity lead her in life.

Stunning Raushan holds the penultimate position on this list. The 24-year-old girl with the gorgeous smile is an economist who loves broadening her horizons and enriching her knowledge of the world through travel. Raushan is an open-minded kind of girl who lets her curiosity lead her. In her free time, Raushan likes hiking, walking in the fresh air, cooking, cycling, and making new friends. She also enjoys reading an interesting book and drinking tea after a long day. Raushan is not into games, she is looking for someone who will be family-oriented, trustworthy, intelligent, interesting and not a jealous type of man.


Assemgul is the last in the babes from Kazakhstan list.
University student Assemgul is looking for a guy who knows what he wants out of life.

In the fifth place of our list, we meet Assemgul, a cute 23-year-old university student. The future accountant describes herself as “responsible, purposeful, reliable, joyful, energetic, smart and goal-oriented.” Assemgul loves her studies and likes to learn new things and travel a lot, trying new things. She also loves spending time with friends, going horseback riding, and solving crossword puzzles, especially Sudoku. The beautiful Kazakh’s kind of man is someone who has a good heart and knows what he wants in life. Ideally, he’ll be ambitious, goal-oriented, and family-oriented too.

We really hope that you enjoyed our list of babes from Kazakhstan. If you want to find more ladies from this beautiful country, visit AsianDate today. For more profiles of ladies, check out our previous lists here.