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Crazy Asian Superstitions About Love and Marriage

Asians are notorious for their superstitions and beliefs. For example, they believe you should never keep a pet turtle because they slow down fortunes.  Urban legends and myths, these superstitions are actually a part of everyday life of most Asian households. Asians are big believers of tradition and these superstitions were actually passed down from generation to generation. Most have their scientific basis that may not have been easily explained in the past, some, just plain weird. But here are a few of these crazy Asian superstitions that point to love and marriage in particular.

Knowing About These Asian Superstitions Will Make Your Dating Easier

Shoes should not be given as gifts to a lover.

Women love shoes. So do men. In Asia, giving a lover a pair of shoes would mean that he, or she will run away from you eventually thus breaking up your otherwise fairy tale love story. Ever heard of the movie, “Runaway Bride”? Exactly like that. Though there is a counter attack to this if you really, really want to give your lover a pair of kicks she’s been eyeing forever: ask her to give you an insignificant amount of money back. Like ask her to give you 2 cents for the amazing Jimmy Choo pumps you got her. This way, you didn’t actually “give” her the shoes, she just bought it from you for 2 cents.

Wear rings on each of your ring fingers. (For married women)

There is a grandmotherly superstition passed down by the Chinese in particular. They say, that if you are a married woman, wear a ring on the ring fingers of both hands so ensure that your husband will always love you and will never leave you for another woman. And it is said it works better if one ring is gold and the other is jade. There is also a singles version to this. If you want to meet the love of your life soon, wear a yellow gold ring on your right index finger which you will transfer to your right middle finger to ensure a proposal will follow suit.

Witnessing a solar eclipse together means your love will last forever.

Rings in Asia tend to have a lot of Asian superstitions revolving around them. It may be mainly because a circle goes on forever and since there is no beginning or end to a circle. In some parts of Asia, it is believed that if you and your lover witness a full solar eclipse and are able to see the corona or the ring high up in the sky, you and your lover will stay together forever. This might be a good date idea as well I would think. Creative and auspicious.

Dreaming of finding a snake means you will meet your soul mate. (For singles)

For singles who have a dream where they found a snake, saw a snake, or being choked to death by a snake, fret not. I know dreaming of death by a snake choke-hold is nothing but nasty, it is believed in some parts of Asia that this means that the love of your life is going to come around soon. What a horrible way of heralding the arrival of prince charming, but then again, you get to meet prince charming in a while. Although beware, if the snake in your dream is black and tries to bite you instead of choke you, then this actually means something bad is underway.

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