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This Is The Difference Between You And Couples Who Cuddle

When was the last time that you cuddled with your attractive girlfriend? Most couples don’t really cuddle anymore because of different reasons. The most common one is that they don’t have enough time to spend with each other. Well, you might reconsider because a study has found that couples who cuddle are happier.

Couples Who Cuddle Could Fall In Love Deeper

A study examined 514 participants to compare links between physical intimacy, relationship satisfaction, and cuddling. 388 of those participants were women.

They found that cuddling can make a couple feel more love and affection. It was also found that it commonly led to physical contact or it could occur after. Researchers concluded that cuddling, whether with physical intimacy or not, is a useful tool in a relationship. It could be a useful means to keep the spark alive.

Only Women Like Cuddling

There’s a misconception that only women like to cuddle. Men don’t really like it, in most people’s minds, because men aren’t emotional by nature. However, the study mentioned that this wasn’t proven no matter how much data they had. There was no difference between genders when it comes to cuddling and relationship satisfaction.

So, it’s not just the women who feel satisfied when they are cuddled by their husbands or boyfriends. Men like to cuddle too. They may not be too vocal about their want to cuddle, but men like it.

So, Why Cuddle?

In case the study did not convince you yet, here are more reasons for you to cuddle with the person you love today:

  • Communication is important in any relationship. You have to remember though that verbal communication isn’t enough. There has to be a non-verbal way too. Cuddling is a good example of this.
  • Cuddling is a form of expression. When you cuddle, it tells your partner that you are very much in love with him or her.
  • Since cuddling is a form of non-verbal communication, use it to express the feelings that you normally can’t say.

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