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Common Mistakes Men Do When Dating a Thai Woman

If you’re dating a Thai woman, you have to be extra careful at how you go about it especially on the start of the relationship where you don’t know much about each other. It’s more of a cultural difference thing but if you take the effort to really understand where her heritage comes from, you’ll, all the more, ensure the success of your relationship. Let’s take a look at four common mistakes that men do when they’re dating a woman from Thailand.

Thai Woman Won’t Tolerate These Mistakes

1. No effort or interest in celebrating traditional holidays.

Tradition is very important in Asia no matter what country one has come from. Your girl could be from Thailand, India, China or the Philippines – there’s no escaping the traditional holidays in Asian culture. There’s Christmas, special lunar calendar holidays, a holiday of a god or a saint and more. Not showing any type of effort or interest to celebrate these holiday’s is, quite frankly, insulting for your Asian girlfriend especially when she’s gone out of her way to celebrate traditions or holidays with your family.

2. Treating her like she’s lesser.

There will be instances where you’ll subconsciously or consciously think that the person you’re with is “lesser” because she may not speak English very well or she may do things differently. It’s normal to think this way because we do have our own standards and prejudice, but it’s important to nip it in the bud. Divert your attention to her positive traits and try to lengthen your patience and understanding.

3. Assuming that she’s in it for the money.

It’s inevitable for one to think about this issue because, let’s face it, some of the stories online (the really bad ones) are real. Don’t over-analyze things and, from the get-go, you’ll be able to tell if she’s after you or merely after your money. Review the different online articles on “red flags” of online dating. See if your girl fits the criteria. If not, if she has never asked for money and the like, get the idea out of your mind because it is poisonous.

4. Assuming that she’ll be a stay-at-home wife.

Thai lady who simply wants to stay home and make you their world = good; Thai woman who wants to make you their world but also chase their dreams = better. Why? Because you do not want someone who’s not going to challenge you. Assuming that she’ll just stay at home and do whatever while you’re off to work or fulfilling your dreams of becoming the Manager of your company, is simply not good for your relationship.

We can say that these four things are among the top 10 reasons why Asian woman-foreign man relationships do not work. On the other hand, it’s a two way street and she has to do her part also.

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