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Common Holiday Issues Couples Need To Deal With

It’s almost the holiday season and you know what that means – the holiday rush is upon us. As early as now, most couples are probably cramming or stressing out because they don’t know how to handle the holiday issues properly. Will your partner spend the holidays with you? Will you celebrate the holidays with your significant other’s family? Or should you just spend it by yourselves?

Common Holiday Issues And Their Solutions

Believe it or not, the holidays can bring intense emotions to a relationship. You have to think about how you can handle your everyday life, and, on top of that, you have to navigate through the holidays as a couple. See the list below for common holiday issues or concerns every couple has (plus their solutions):

1. You’re Not Sure Where To Spend The Holiday

There are a couple of options for you to get past this. If you can’t decide where to spend the holidays, try making your own tradition. Invite both of your families to your place. Or, you can try rotating your visits. For example, this year you’re going to visit your family, and then next year, you’re going to visit your significant other’s family.

2. Your Family Doesn’t Like Your Partner

The best way to tackle this situation is if you become a team. Make sure that you are with your partner when you are visiting your family. Avoid controversial topics and just focus on the positive. The most important thing, however, is to be your partner’s emotional support system.

3. You’re Ideas Of Gift Giving Are Not The Same

There will always be people who view gift giving as the biggest splurge of the year. However, there are those who see gift giving as providing what’s needed. Either way, you have to, both, communicate and discuss your gift giving practices. Try to reach a common ground.

The holidays can be stressful but remember to tackle it as a team, and you’ll get through it with your relationship and bond intact. Holiday issues will always be present, but you could end up with a stronger relationship when both of you get through it. For more tips on relationships, check out more of our blog.