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Christmas Caroling Has Never Looked More Exciting

Christmas caroling is an age-old tradition for most people in Asia. In the Philippines, for example, children or families would go from house to house, to sing Christmas songs to the people in the household. It’s a fun activity to do, but you can’t just go Christmas caroling alone.

Christmas Caroling With These Ladies Will Be A Blast

This week, we listed down ladies who have made caroling a yearly event. You can directly ask more about this tradition by clicking on the names of the ladies, visiting their profiles, and sending them a message:


Wei24 - Asian Date Lady

This is Wei and she knows that she has a sanguine personality. She remains positive even though the circumstances are bleak. This is probably why people love being around her. This Christmas, she does plan to go Christmas Caroling but she is still putting up her group. Would you like to join in?


Brianna29 - Asian Date Lady

Brianna says that a lot of people are intimidated by her because she looks tall. Many tell her that she looks like a beauty pageant queen. She does like to be feminine, but her femininity takes a back seat whenever she is having fun. At a Christmas caroling event, you can be sure that all eyes will be on her.


Jasmine30 - Asian Date Lady

Jasmine is a simple girl who is sometimes shy around new people she meets. She says that going out at night with friends to sing Christmas songs from house to house is what she has been doing since she was a child. But, she continues by saying that she wouldn’t dare do it by herself.


Cassidy28 - Asian Date Lady

Cassidy has a lovely voice. She was encouraged by her mom to go Christmas caroling every year as a practice for her vocal cords. So far, it has worked. She sings like a nightingale. Would you like to hear her sing?


Carlene36 - Asian Date Lady

Last on the list is Carlene who definitely looks younger for her age. She is currently 36, but she looks like she could be in her early 20s. Carlene is not sure about going Christmas caroling yet so you might need to convince her before December 25th.

Are you ready to put your Santa hat on? You’ll surely have a blast singing old Christmas classics with the ladies on this list. We have more lists on the blog for you so make sure you check it out.