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Are Chinese Ladies Complicated? Find Out If You Should Date One

Men who have seriously dated Chinese ladies before will tell you that this statement is true: Chinese women are not complicated. This does not mean that they’re simple-minded. It just means that they really aren’t hard to figure out. Believe us or not, we’re here to convince you with these 5 proofs that we’ve observed.

Proofs You Need About Chinese Ladies

#1 Proof: Bluntly putting it

Chinese ladies say it without sugar coating. If you’re going to ask your Chinese girlfriend her opinion on a specific matter, she will give you a straight answer which can, sometimes, come off as rude. These ladies don’t mean to be, for you information. This is just how it is to them because they want you to do better without you having to figure our what they mean. The good news about this is, you don’t need to be a mind reader to know what she’s thinking. Be careful with your questions though, you may not be able to handle the truth (for example – if you ask her if you look fat in your new pants or not).

#2 Proof: General view of men

Chinese ladies look at men generally. If a Chinese girl says to herself, “I’m not attracted to short men”, then any tall guy (Caucasian, Black, Latino) will do. Looks don’t matter much too. As long as you’re tall then you’re attractive to her. It’s more complicated than just being tall, of course, but you get the drift. Most commonly, Chinese women look for:

  • Financial stability
  • Emotional maturity
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • (Insert particular desire like height here)

That’s it!

#3 Proof: Easily Trusting

This is the Chinese ladies’ merit and downfall – they are easily trusting. Men who’ve had several Chinese girlfriends in the past can tell you that. We say merit because to give someone your full trust is, somewhat, of an admirable quality but, on the other hand, we say downfall because many might take advantage of it. Scratch might. Some are taking advantage of it which is not good.

#4 Proof: Pop culture influences

Here’s another proof that tells you Chinese women are not complicated. Western pop culture, although very widespread and prominent in other Asian countries, only have a minimal influence on Chinese women. This means that she might not know or understand what you’re talking about half the time if you’re the type who makes a lot of pop culture references. This is great for you if you’re more traditional yourself.

#5 Proof: Kitchen-time

Do you know a simple thing that can make your Chinese girlfriend happy? If you enjoy eating her authentic delicious home-cooked Chinese meals, she will be very happy. Food is extremely important in the Chinese culture. As the a woman in their family, her mother might have passed a few secret recipes on to her as an heirloom. If you eat the dishes she prepared with delight and gusto, she will feel fulfilled.

Are we right or are we right?

So you see, Chinese ladies are not as complicated as you think so dating one should also be simple. Check back again for more posts that tell you all about the Chinese dating culture.