Why Chinese Ladies are Attracted to Foreign Men

When it comes to dating Chinese ladies online and offline, many have been perplexed as to why they seem to Why are Chinese Ladies Attracted to Foreigners?gravitate towards foreign men. It’s not that they prefer foreign men entirely, but it’s more of their interest and curiosity with foreigners in general.

For those who are reading this now, it may have already entered your mind that this gives you a slight advantage with China ladies. But, gentlemen as you all are, for sure, you won’t abuse this small upper hand.

Reasons Why Chinese Ladies Like Foreign Men

But, let’s get down to it. Why exactly are Chinese single ladies easily attracted to men from other countries? Here are common reasons:

Chinese Girls Believe Rom-Coms

Whether it be Ashton Kutcher, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Zac Efron, a lot of Chinese ladies believe that Rom-Coms (Romantic Comedies) are good references to how foreign men are.  Probably, all females buy into this idea. Asian females, however, have lesser chances of actually interacting with foreign males in real life. Thus the illusion is sustained. It doesn’t mean that all foreign men are nothing like the those in Rom-Coms, though. Some can be pretty romantic!

A New Way of Doing Things

Have you ever found other cultures fascinating? For example, Russian ladies will be more than offended if you gave them a bouquet that has an even number of flowers. It’s because, in Russia, as well as other East European countries, bouquets with an even number of flowers are usually for people who have passed away.

What to Do with Chinese Ladies’ Cultural Curiosity

Now that you know this, you can probably get more attention from Chinese ladies if you teach them a thing or two about how you do things in your country. They might even be tempted to visit you.

Your Level of Education

It may sound strange to you, but in most Asian countries, when you’re a person who speaks English well, you are viewed as highly educated. The same applies to you even if your mother tongue is English. It’s not just that too. Chinese ladies tend to think that majority of the foreign men they meet are well-educated if they’ve traveled around the world, have flourishing careers, and have experienced worldly pursuits.

Financial Security

Hold on. If this statement is rubbing you the wrong way, here’s the explanation. And, this is an important point when you are dating Chinese women. Sometimes, the basis for relationships in Asia is not love. The basis could be duty, responsibility or stability, to name a few. China ladies, being from a country that still has conservative values, are no different.

Don’t take this personally nor should you think that Chinese women are just gold-diggers. Absolutely, not. You see, Asians are very driven in life aspects such as career and family. They always want the best for themselves. Most Asian also have a competitive spirit. So, with these in mind, they will choose their life partner based on characteristics that they value. Of course, love and attraction will always be there, but it sometimes takes a backseat to more important things.

Ready to Meet more Chinese Ladies?

Remember, dating Chinese ladies gets easier when you know what to do. Take heed of these tips and see how many more Chinese girls you meet online.