Could Their Cherry Lips Be The Reason For Their Nicknames? | Asian Date

Their Cherry Lips Make Them So Beautiful

Whenever you think of cherries, you think of the color red, you think of sweetness, and, sometimes, sultriness. Well, the ladies on our list this week might just have these characteristics. Aside from having cherry lips, they also have “Cherry” as their nicknames.

Ask Why These Ladies All Have Cherry Lips And Cherry Nicknames

It’s best that you ask the real reason behind their nicknames yourself. You can do so  by clicking on the names of the ladies to visit their profile. From there, you can ask the “Cherries” the question you’ve been wanting the answer to.


Zichan20 - Asian Date Lady

Zichan’s friends call her “Cherry” because she’s cheerful and positive. She told us that her friends always say that she is like the cherry blossom, feminine, happy, and graceful. Have you seen a cherry blossom flower before? Do you agree with Zichan’s friends?


Chunyan22 - Asian Date Lady

Chunyan says that she gave herself the nickname. She loves anything that’s red. Most of her clothes are of different shades of red, so, she decided that her name might as well be a shade of red too. Do you think the nickname she made up suites her?


Yaqian23 - Asian Date Lady

Yaqian’s parents were reminded of a cherry tree they planted when they were just boyfriend and girlfriend. They wanted to keep that fond memory alive so they nicknamed Yaqian “Cherry”. Yaqian says that the tree was like a symbol of love to her parents, and so is she.


Ruixue20 - Asian Date Lady

RuiXue isn’t sure why her friends and family call her “Cherry”. It’s been like this ever since she was younger, she says. Maybe it’s because of her rebel side, she guesses. She also said that maybe it’s because of her lovable side as well. You should talk to RuiXue to find out whether she’s more of a rebel chick or a lovable one.


Menghan24 - Asian Date Lady

Menghan loves makeup or cosmetics. She called herself “Cherry” because all the shades of cherry she puts on – lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush – makes her look more attractive. You can be the judge of that.

Whatever the reason for their unique nicknames, there’s no hiding the fact that these ladies look very attractive, especially with their cherry lips. For more lists like this, visit this blog next week! In the meantime, you can check out the previous lists we have or our other blog posts.