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Chat Messages You Should Never Send Her

Even though we speak the same language, there is still room for misunderstanding. A simple sentence said in the wrong tone can already trigger something nasty. And, it gets much worse when we are talking about text or chat messages.

It’s A Cardinal Sin For You To Send These Chat Messages To Your Lady

A lot of things can be misconstrued while chatting. While this digital method of communication is convenient and efficient, certain messages would not come through correctly. Below are examples of these NO-NO chat messages:

Feelings Of Anger

As a general rule, don’t send chat messages to your girlfriend when you are angry. Vice versa, if you think she is angry, then chances are, she is. Chatting her up and asking her if she mad will most likely be more destructive than clarifying.

Confrontational Messages

You have seen your date post a photo of her and a friend. You feel insecure, so you react and question her about it. This is a confrontational message that you should avoid sending. You don’t want your date feeling like she is being interviewed or interrogated.

Disapproval Of Her Friends

There may be people in your partner’s or date’s life that you do not approve of. But, you should keep reserve your thoughts until you are face to face with your partner. Chatting is not the way to express this. Talk to your partner about it and discuss the possibilities.

Asking For Something Private

This is a general safety rule for anyone who is actively dating online. Never send private photos, or videos via the internet. We all know the risk of exchanging these files can be exciting, but there’s that risk of the data leaking, plus the risk of being hacked.

Be more cautious when sending chat messages to avoid the chance of getting misunderstood. Despite all the emojis we have, they still cannot completely mirror the range of emotions that we humans have. If it’s something important or private, it is best that the messages are exchanged personally. For more tips on how to improve relationships, read other posts on our blog.