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Caspering Is Proof People Are Starting To Change In Online Dating

We’ve all had enough of the negative dating trends floating about the online dating world. This year, however, things are slightly looking up. A flicker of hope comes from the dating term “Caspering”. Contrary to what you’re thinking, it’s not a negative term at all.

Caspering Needs To Replace Ghosting

If you’re a fan of the cartoon or the movie, then you already know who Casper is. In the context of dating, Casper is the friendlier version of ghosting (Casper the friendly ghost). The term was created by the International Business Times.

What Is Caspering?

Before we get into what Caspering is, you need to know what ghosting is first. Ghosting is a negative dating term. It happens when someone who has been chatting or contacting a person online for a while, disappears into thin air like a ghost. The ghost doesn’t offer any explanations. He or she simply disappears.

Caspering, on the hand, is similar to ghosting but an explanation needs to be provided. Before you totally disappear out of someone’s life after chatting for a while, you tell them, straight up, why you’re planning to stop the communication.

Isn’t This Cruel, Still?

To answer your question, yes, in a way it is still a bit cruel. However, offering an explanation is loads better than offering none at all. Caspering is better because you don’t lead anyone on.

Despite the small amount of time you’ve spent chatting or video chatting, the person doesn’t have to think about why you’re not replying to messages. You don’t leave this person hanging.

How Do You Casper Someone?

As soon as you have realized that you no longer want to continue contacting a person online, you have to tell him or her directly. You have to do it in a gentle way. Offer a good explanation (not excuse) as to why you had this realization. Be honest, but be kind at the same time.

Ghosting may be the easier way out as you don’t need to have an awkward conversation. But, Caspering, shows that you are a considerate human being. For more tips on how to date online, read more posts on our blog.