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Going Out For A Cappuccino? These Coffee Lovers Are A Perfect Company

How do you find the perfect cappuccino in your city? This question is easy to answer when you are a coffee lover yourself, but if you’re not, you’ll need the help of coffee lovers who know exactly what a good cup of joe tastes like.

The Coffee Lovers You’ll Always Want To Be With

Commonly, coffee lovers jump from one cafe to the other in their search for the perfect blend. They’re the perfect guides to ask about the most happening cafes in town. If you happen to be visiting Asia, you’ll be able to chat with these coffee lovers and ask about the best coffee spots:


WanPing20 - Asian Date Lady

Aside from being a coffee lover, Wanping likes to listen to music. She actually knows how to play the piano. The sound is very soothing to the soul. She often hangs out longer in coffee shops with piano music playing in the background.


Cuifang33 - Asian Date Lady

Cuifang has to have one cup of coffee a day or she cannot function. She is actually a business person who has a restaurant in France. Yes, she does have a taste for the finer things in life, but she will enjoy a good cup of coffee with anyone interesting.


Xiaohong32 - Asian Date Lady

Do you know what the perfect date would be for this coffee lover? It would be staying at home with a cup on hand while watching a good movie. Xiaohong admits that she is a shy kind of girl so she would rather stay home with someone special than go out where there’s a big crowd of people.


Mengzhen21 - Asian Date Lady

Thanks to Mengzhen’s career as a jeweler, she travelers all over the world. She says that she signed up for online dating because there’s a chance that she might meet people in real life when she flies for work again. Are you ready to grab a cup with her?


Caihong25 - Asian Date Lady

Caihong is a nature-lover and a free spirit. She says that most men are intimidated by her personality. However, her one true love will quickly recognize how interesting and unique she is. She likes her coffee black – no sugar, no cream. Does that hint something about her personality?

Whether it’s a cappuccino or a nice cup of old-fashioned brewed coffee, the coffee lovers on this list know where to find it. you can chat with each lady by clicking on their name and visiting their dating profile. For more lists of profiles on Asian Date, read the rest of our blog.