Cambodian beauties are like mesmerizing wild flowers.

Cambodian Beauties Are Like Mesmerizing Wild Flowers

Sometimes the most beautiful flowers grow in the most adverse conditions. This is also the case with the beautiful people of Cambodia, who have the most infectious smiles and generous character one can imagine. Their country has gone through so much, yet the Cambodian beauties rise above everything else.

Meet The Cambodian Beauties With The Most Infectious Smiles

Today’s Asian Top 5 features some of the most honest, warm smiles you’ve ever seen. These girls prove that the most irresistible kind of beauty lies in simplicity.


Sheeg Hok is the first lady in the Cambodian beauties list.
Sheeg Hok is constantly trying to improve herself.

The first Cambodian beauty on our list is Sheeg Hok. The 26-year-old girl from Phnom Penh describes herself as optimistic, honest, and hard-working and says she can’t stand people who cheat. In her free time, Sheeg Hok likes listening to jazz and pop music, cooking, traveling, watching romantic and war films and working hard to improve herself. The perfect kind of guy for her needs to be faithful, honest, real, and family-oriented.


Soh is second on our Cambodian beauties list.
Shoh is a unique mix of modern and traditional.

The second girl on today’s special list is Shoh, a nurse who describes herself as a woman who can combine being modern with being traditional. 27-year-old Shoh loves to read, travel, listen to music and cook. In fact, she is a very confident cook; certain you’ll love her dishes. Her ideal kind of man is someone strong with a healthy body, and also a person who will be able to touch her heart and take care of their family.


Chan is another of our Cambodian beauties entries.
Bubbly Chan is looking for an honest, responsible and funny man.

Right in the middle of our list of Cambodian beauties, we find 28-year-old Chan, a sweet girl who loves watching films, like “The Fast and The Furious”, cooking and dancing. She describes herself as “gentle, lively, funny, understanding, warm and sincere”. For Chan, the ideal man is someone who likes traveling, has a lot of hobbies and is curious about new things. He also needs to be honest, funny, caring and responsible.


The sweet 25-year-old holds the penultimate spot in the Cambodian beauties list.
Sirim is a 25-year-old teacher, called “Chichi” by her friends.

The penultimate lady on today’s list is Sirim, a 25-year-old teacher from Phnom Penh. The sweet girl says she has a dislike for quarrels and describes herself as “lovely and simple”. Sirim is also quite confident. In her spare time, she likes gardening, cooking, knitting, traveling and reading great works of literature. She also has other hobbies and hopes to be able to find a common one to share with her man. For Sirim, it is very important for a man to be responsible and know how to take care of her, but he also has to be humorous and understanding.


Diep is the last girl on the Cambodian beauties list today.
Sweet Diep is all about fun and passion in life.

Our last lady on the list of Cambodian beauties is a real sweetheart. Diep is 26 years old, she works as a salesperson and likes to live her life with passion and an open heart. She describes herself as “cheerful, kind-hearted and fun”. In her free time, Diep likes to have fun partying with her friends, dancing, singing and cooking. Her type of man is someone who is very family-oriented and responsible, healthy, friendly and humorous.

We hope that you enjoyed today’s very special list of Cambodian beauties. If you want to know more about them, simply click on their profile names. If you’ve missed our previous TOP 5 lists and feel like catching up, click here. You can also browse through ladies’ profiles from all over Asia on AsianDate.