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Brainy Babes from Asia Are Every Sapiosexual’s Dream

Some people claim that a woman can’t have it all: beauty and a sharp mind. That’s because they haven’t met the brainy babes featured on our special list today.

Make The Clever Move And Meet These Brainy Babes

It’s not every day that you get to meet a lady who can combine intelligence and stunning looks as perfectly as the girls featured on today’s list. Let’s waste no more time.


Wisarat is the first on our brainy babes list.
Thai dentist Wisarat works as a photo model in her free time.

We are starting off this list with a gorgeous girl from Thailand. Her name is Wisarat, she is 23 years old and is currently studying to be a dentist – a profession she takes very seriously. Wisarat is a responsible person who is kind, honest and intelligent and is seriously looking for a man who will be educated, like her, and also strong-spirited, caring and honest. In her spare time, the stunning girl works as a photo model, featuring in magazines.


Yixuan is the second girl in the brainy babes list.
22-year-old Yixuan is a doctor who likes to keep positive at all times.

The second spot in our brainy babes’ list is where we find a doctor from China: Yixuan. The smiley lady describes herself as “a positive girl who always tries to be humorous”, and also mentions she is an independent and open-minded kind of person. In her free time, the 22-year-old girl loves to travel and to watch US and British series on TV. Her ideal man would be a “tender, caring, humorous gentleman who knows how to treat his lady and knows who to manage their life together”.


Warunya is another entry in our brainy babes list.
Beautiful Warunya believes everyone is the architect of his own happiness.

Beautiful Warunya, who is 21 years old, is the next girl on this list. The Thai girl has been dancing all her life but decided to make the sensible choice not to become a professional dancer and be a financial expert instead. In her leisure time, Warunya does pole dancing and likes to create a cozy and comfortable environment at home. The clever girl understands nobody’s perfect but believes that approaching each other with love is what makes a couple happy.


Dandan is the fourth one of our brainy babes.
Gorgeous Dandan has a very flexible economic mind.

The penultimate girl on this list is Chinese beauty Dandan. The pretty 27-year old girl was born to an affluent family and raised to be independent and savvy when it comes to handling a business. She has her own private company with branches abroad, which she hopes to make even bigger. In her free time, Dandan likes watching films, working out, and shopping. When it comes to her ideal man, he doesn’t need to be rich, very young or handsome, but he needs to have a sincere heart.


The last girl on the brainy babes list is a Thai lawyer.
27-year-old Nuntachporn is a dynamic lawyer.

A 27-year-old lady from Thailand, Nuntachporn, is the one with which we’re closing our brainy babes’ list today. Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile, though. Nuntachporn is a dynamic lawyer who knows how to be in harmony with her own self. Nuntachporn likes literature, photography and doing sports. She is interested in a man who is not stubborn but able to communicate well and be understanding and able to build a sincere relationship.

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