Bollywood babes you'll want to star alongside.

These Bollywood Babes Outshine The Hollywood Ones

Bollywood, otherwise known as Hindi cinema, refers to India’s film industry that is based in Mumbai. Bollywood is not just the largest film producer in India, where it makes 43% of the net box office revenue; it is also one of the largest centers of film production in the world, both regarding the number of those working in it and the number of films produced. Actresses in Bollywood films are very famous and reach a vast audience, which is another reason why the Bollywood babes we feature today are so special.

The Multi-Talented Bollywood Babes

Unlike Hollywood actors, who may never be called to sing or dance in a film, those starring in a Bollywood film need to possess a wide spectrum of talents. They need to be able to act, sing and dance all at once, since most of the industry’s films are musicals whose music may even be released ahead of the film itself, thus tempting bigger audiences to attend the films when they hit the big screen.  Let’s waste no more time though; these ladies are waiting for you to find out all about them.


Vijay Lakshmi is the first on th Bollywood babes list.
Pretty Vijay Lakshmi loves all forms of art, not just the cinema. Would you visit an art exhibition with her?

Kicking off this list is a 27-year-old lady from New Delhi, Vijay Lakshmi. She describes herself as the kind of person who always likes to smile and bring a smile to other people too. The pretty girl says she is hardly ever bored, as she likes to keep herself busy. In her spare time, Vijay Lakshmi likes to take her friends to the cinema or visit museums and art galleries. She also loves traveling and has traveled vastly around her country – wishing to go abroad too someday. Her ideal type of man is kind-hearted, faithful, calm, understanding, communicative, and a person with a pure soul.


Meera is the second in the Bollywood babes list.
Meera is looking for a more experienced man – could it be you?

The second talented actress on our Bollywood babes list is gorgeous Meera, a 25-year-old girl from Mumbai. Meera is not very keen on talking about herself because she thinks everyone sees things differently, but she says she has the guts to defy other people’s opinion when she feels that something is right. The raven-hair stunner loves adding some beauty in the simplest of things, and this might also explain why she has taken up calligraphy. Meera is looking for an older man, as she appreciates their experience and believes an older man can solve problems more easily than she alone can.


The third lady on the Bollywood babes list is Maruk.
Maruk is looking for someone to make her feel safe, protected and loved.

In the third spot of our list, we meet Maruk,  a 21-year-old actress from New Delhi who describes herself as rather quiet and well mannered, open minded, confident, friendly, generous, reliable, and family orientated. But she also says she’s impatient and can get moody at times. In her leisure time, Maruk likes being outdoors, playing or watching sports, dining and traveling. She likes a healthy and simple lifestyle and loves simple things, like walking on the beach at sunset or dancing. The tall girl is looking for a simple, open minded partner who likes to live life to the fullest. He should be able to make her feel safe, protected, and loved.


Pretty Sirman is the fourth on Bollywood babes list.
Simran loves her Bollywood career but is also open to life in the West.

Fourth on today’s list of Bollywood babes is gorgeous Simran. The 23-year-old beauty from Mumbai is confident she is all a guy can ask for and more. She is very happy to work in Bollywood, and even though she only has small roles for now, a bright future is predicted for her. At the same time, she works in her father’s café in Mumbai, so she says her cooking skills are great. In her free time, Simran goes to the gym and inviting friends over for dinner. Simran loves her life in India but is also a fan of the Western lifestyle. Her only wish when it comes to her future partner is for him to truly love her and to allow her to love him just the way he is.


The last girl on the Bollywood babes list is a true gem.
Can you make this amazing girl laugh? You might charm her this way.

The last girl on today’s list is a true gem; not only because she is pretty and talented, but also because she has an amazing personality. 21-year-old Ashlesha is the kind of girl who speaks her mind; she refuses to tell people what they want to hear. The tall beauty describes herself as “youthful, cultured, gentle, sporty and passionate”. She also adds that she doesn’t like to gossip, so you can trust her with your secrets. As a hobby, Ashlesha enjoys backpacking alone, as it is a true challenge that makes her observe people. Her type of man should be her partner and equal, and if you can make her laugh, you have a chance of winning her heart.

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