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How You Should Behave When Chinese Dating

When you don’t do your research on Chinese culture, Chinese dating, in general, will become very difficult for you because there is a huge gap between the dating etiquette that your used to and the dating etiquette your lady in waiting is used to. There are some similarities (common things that people who date do) but these do not make up for the differences that are already present.

If there’s one thing to remember it is that you are the man. This means that you have to be the leader, the initiator the major decision maker and so on when in a relationship with a Chinese woman so start here and read all about 5 Chinese dating etiquette that you need to remember.

What You Must Know About Chinese Dating

 1. Casual Dating & Set-ups

Casual dating is non-existent in the Chinese culture as well as other Asian cultures. Opposite to the West where people go on dates all the time, Chinese men and women have to ask a mutual friend to set-up a date for them. That’s another thing as well. It is very rare for a Chinese person to just come up to another Chinese person and ask them out on a random date. Most dates are set-up by either friends, family or even co-workers.

For foreigners, however, the story is slightly different because Chinese women are more open to being “asked out” by a foreigner. This is because the awareness of the fact that the cultures outside of their country approves of casual dating is present.

2. Great Meaning to Words in Chinese Dating

Though times are changing and daily life and daily practices are becoming more modern, there are still traditions and ways of doing things that the Chinese cannot erase from their DNA. One example is expressing feelings or emotions through words. Chinese men and women are not very good at it. So, when a Chinese woman tells you that she misses you or that she care for you, it’s something to take seriously.

3. Meeting the Folks

There are 2 possible scenarios: 1. She’ll get you to meet her parents and 2. She won’t introduce you at all. In Chinese dating, the first scenario means that she’s viewing your relationship as something serious and, hopefully, permanent. The second scenario is, of course, the opposite where the Chinese woman views your relationship as fleeting and temporary.

4. The Lowdown on Intimacy

Intimacy after marriage – this is another Asian tradition that has been preserved. All Asians do not view intimacy before marriage as something positive so, therefor, many try to avoid it. This doesn’t mean, however, that all Asian people practice the avoidance of post-marital intimacy.

When a Chinese woman “gives it up”, for her, it is a sure sign that the relationship is headed towards marriage. This is why men, foreign men especially, need to think twice if they don’t really consider the relationship as serious.

Know These by Heart

Four is a low number so you are expected to remember these easily. Knowing all four is not enough so we encourage you to do some more research and learn more about Chinese dating culture. Check back in with us for more dating tips, dating articles about Chinese woman and so much more.