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What To Ask Yourself Before You Label Your Relationship

It’s really tempting to label your relationship when you feel or have confirmed that the person you are dating is feeling the same way. Love tends to do that to you – you want to spend as much time with the person, you want to have this person all to yourself. But, ultimately, you need to remember that when you label your relationship, you’re setting it up for something more serious.

Don’t Label Your Relationship When You Have Not Answered These Questions

Before you’d want to be in a serious or committed relationship, you have to see if you are ready. That’s why you need to ask yourself the following questions before you label your relationship:

1. Do you trust the person you’re dating?

Really think about your answer to this question. You need to be able to trust the other person fully for the relationship to work. If you have extreme doubts about your potential partner’s past or about other aspects of his or her life, you better clarify it and then build your trust to each other from there.

2. Are we moving too fast?

It’s possible that you might be putting your potential relationship in hyperdrive. It may not be the best move especially if you and your potential partner have not formed a good base or foundation yet. The best way to know if you’re moving too fast is to ask friends and family. They will give you the answer straight up.

3. Can I accept this person at his or her worst?

This is a very important question before you label your relationship. You need to wake up to fact that you will eventually come across this person’s bad side. Can you handle it? The same goes in your potential partner’s side. Can this person handle you at your worst?

When you have the answers to all of these questions, then you can decide if labeling your relationship is the best move. If it isn’t yet, don’t rush into it because you have all the time to get to know the person you are dating. For more modern dating tips, read more of our posts on our blog.