Beautiful Places to Visit in Asia

Planning a romantic vacation in Asia is as easy as one-two-three because there are numerous places that are breath-taking, exciting, colorful and unique. There are plenty of different places to take her to so we thought that we’d give you a hand and narrow it down for you. Here are some suggestions for the most romantic places to visit in Asia with your foreign girlfriend:


Beautiful Places to Visit in AsiaSome say that Phuket is magical because the weather is always wonderful, the beaches are pristine and the nightlife is bustling. As a couple, you can relax by the beach by day and then go out for a night in the town by night. Phuket is a touristy place but if you don’t mind the crowd then this is the place to have a romantic vacation with your Thai beauty.


Now Palawan is a bit similar to Phuket just take out the bustling night life. Palawan is all about nature – beaches, rivers, trees, sand, caves, diving, etc. If you and your beautiful Asian fiancé want to visit a place where you can reconnect with nature, a place with peace and quiet but still with a lot of activities to do, Palawan is your best bet.


You should totally visit Kyoto in February because this entire month is celebrated as the chocolate month. Aside from Kyoto being very beautiful, almost all of the shops there participate in the celebration of chocolate month so this means chocolate overload from restaurants, cafes and even gift shops.


If you’re not really into nature that much and would love to do other exciting things within the bounds of the city, then Kuala Lumpur is the place to visit. It’s a top honeymoon destination. Couples can dine in top restaurants, stay at top notch resorts, shop at some of the largest malls in Asia while surrounded by the unique Kuala Lumpur ambiance.


What comes to mind first when you mention the name BALI? For some, it could be volcanoes, untouched beaches, secret places surrounded by nature and the like. For some, it could be the fantastic nightlife you experience on the beach. For some, it could be the fantastic cultural experience. It’s all true when you decide to visit Bali. Just like other places in Asia, it has its own characteristic exoticness that no other place has and that makes it another of Asia’s top honeymoon destinations.

If we go on, the list is going to be never ending because Asia has a lot of treasures that it can offer to its visitors. These five places that we’ve mentioned are among the few that are considered to be the most romantic. You’ll definitely have the time of your life with unforgettable memories when visiting these places, just don’t forget to stay safe when travelling. Are you ready to pack your bags and go?