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Would You Recognize These Beauties Without Make Up?

There are plenty of beautiful women who just can’t go a day without putting makeup on. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this because putting on makeup is a self-expression. But, there are a few beauties without make up who can still be as beautiful.

These Beauties Without Make Up Can Still Turn Heads

Makeup is commonly used to enhance one’s features. For example, eyeshadow colors are applied on the lids to enhance the eyes – make them look deeper, or make them stand out. But those who possess beauty from within can still be as eye-catching even without the use of cosmetics:


Koko25 - Asian Date Lady

Koko is a model, but don’t let that intimidate you. Yes, she describes herself as a down-to-earth lady. In fact, she’s friends with most of the people on her set, especially most of her photographers and makeup artists. She’s very approachable.


Vicky24 - Asian Date Lady

Vicky likes to put on make up but only occasionally. She prefers not wearing any because she’s a bit boyish. She loves to play sports, exercise, and go out into the great outdoors to have different adventures.


Yijie22 - Asian Date Lady

Yijie describes herself as simple. She has big dreams and is ambitious, but she’s also very grounded. She loves spending time with friends and family. When she’s not busy, she loves to read different novels done by interesting authors.


Yuan29 - Asian Date Lady

Yuan is a lady who always gravitates towards the water. She loves being in the beach and she loves passing by streams as she hikes through the mountains. Staying active is one of her main goals in life.


Nina29 - Asian Date Lady

Nina works as a teacher. She loves her students so much that she spends a few extra hours in school. grading test papers and then tutoring those who are falling behind. When she has free time, she usually likes to learn new things. The new hobbies she learns, she also teaches her students.

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