A list of beauties from Chiang Mai.

Beauties from Chiang Mai Are Thailand’s Best Kept Secret

Chiang Mai, an ancient city that’s also the largest one in northern Thailand, is frequently referred to as the Rose of the North. Founded in 1296, the city has over 300 Buddhist temples shining within and around its city walls. The modern Chiang Mai was built next to these breathtaking golden shrines and mystical monasteries, creating a majestic, relaxed city that features consistently in favorite tourist destinations lists the world over. This is the perfect birthplace for the beauties from Chiang Mai; some of the prettiest Thai ladies there are.

Check Out The Fascinating Beauties from Chiang Mai

Like the marvelous place where they were born, girls from Chiang Mai are a fantastic mix. They are pretty, feminine and they have an interesting temperament and personality. Let’s get to know 5 of them a little better.


Pannos is the first of our beauties from Chiang Mai.
The beautiful realtor likes to follow her heart.

We’re kicking off this exciting list with a 25-year old girl, Pannaros. The sweet lady is a realtor, and she describes herself as a combination of a romantic and down-to-earth person. Pannaros likes to do things from the heart, but says she also knows the cost of things in life. In her free time, she likes to read, but also keeps fit by playing tennis and soccer and going scuba diving. For a guy to steal this beauty’s heart, he needs to be open, bright, and cheerful, and he’d have to win her admiration.


The smiley redhead is the second in our beauties from Chiang Mai list.
The sweet redhead is a girl who loves to smile.

Continuing with our list, we meet a gorgeous redhead, Pornpitchaya. The fiery girl is 26 years old; she works as an accountant and describes herself as kind, romantic, and tender. She also says she’s goal-oriented, cheerful, patient and not afraid to be funny. In her spare time, Pornpitchaya loves to dance, cook, and watch movies, like “Titanic”.  Her dream is to meet her other half, a loving, honest, loyal, caring and understanding man who will be able to make her happy.


Surangkana is in the middle of our beauties from Chiang Mai list.
This pretty HR manager hates conflicts, lies and hypocrisy.

We have already reached the middle of today’s list of beauties from Chiang Mai, and this is where we meet 30-year-old Surangkana. The blonde lady says she knows what she is after in life and has no regrets; while she describes herself as sociable, tender, romantic, creative and feminine. She has studied economics and works in the HR department of a large trading company. For leisure, Surangkana loves to play the guitar for her friends and write her own songs. Her ideal man should be serious, intelligent, and courageous; and be her man, her friend and her husband all at once.


Thunwarat is in the fourth spot in the beauties from Chian Mai list.
Would you be interested in a conversation with this clever girl?

In the penultimate position, we meet a gorgeous 24-year-old engineer, Thunwarat. The pretty girl is confident you’ll enjoy a conversation with her. She is active, communicative, romantic and well-educated. In her free time, the girl with the warm smile likes literature, working out and finding new recipes with which to surprise her family. She’s also very interested in traveling. Her dream guy should be older than her because she appreciates experience, but she’s not looking for a sponsor or father. He should be educated, intelligent, honest and romantic.


The last lady on the beauties from Chiang Mai list.
Papitchaya loves horseback riding and doing karaoke.

It’s already the fifth spot of this list, and what a lovely way to go. Papitchaya is a hairdresser stylist who may look strong, but is very soft and tender inside. She is a girl with her own dreams and aspirations that she strives to achieve. She also wishes to find an honest, brave man with whom to make a family. In her leisure time, the 26-year-old stunner loves horseback riding and doing karaoke. She says she has a good singing voice, and she enjoys visiting museums and art exhibitions too. Papitchaya also loves traveling, learning about new cultures and making friends.

Can you believe another list is over? We hope you learned a few things about the amazing place that is Chiang Mai and some of its most interesting residents. If you want to know more about these beauties from Chiang Mai, simply click on their profile names. For more gorgeous girls from all over Asia, either visit our past lists, or AsianDate.