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Basic Topics You Can Talk About with Pretty Asian Girls

For most people, talking is not really something that’s difficult. You just think of a topic and then you say or ask whatever it is that’s about that topic – easy-peasy! There are those, however, who find it hard to strike a conversation because: 1. They may not be experienced with conversation enough, 2. They are not that confident with themselves. And that’s even harder when talking to pretty Asian girls.

If you’re the second type, you probably don’t have much luck in the Asian dating department because of your shyness. It’s common don’t worry, but Asian ladies have to be approached. These topics should help you practice. They’re pretty basic, but they’ll get you started when you’re talking to Asian girls.

What To Talk About When You Talk To Pretty Asian Girls


Asia is a very beautiful place. As a conversation starter, why not ask the Asian girl you’re interested in local tourist spots or things that might be of interest to tourists or foreigners like yourself. She’ll be very knowledgeable not just about certain spots but about local flavors. So, your conversation can snow ball from here and you can even share spots and flavors from your own home town.


Asians are really big on family and so talking about them can spark her interest. First off, you have to remember to NOT ask questions that are too personal. Too personal would mean: no talking about family problems and other inside the family issues. Just talk about light stuff like where her mom works and what she likes about her dad, or her brother and sisters and so on. You can also have a go at it if you’re comfortable sharing about your family with her.


Majority of Asian girls have a consistent hobby even though they don’t know it. You can ask them what they like to do to pass the time on a daily basis. If they answer reading a book then you can follow up by asking what her favorite book is. Think of the hobbies-question, as well as the other questions in this list, as umbrella questions – questions designed to make the other person talk more. So going back, go ahead and expound of whatever hobby she tells you she does. Follow it up by sharing your own hobbies.

Local Chit Chat

Local chit-chat is a subject about her surroundings. For example, what does her neighborhood look like, what does she ride when going to work or school, do they have a backyard, is their neighbor very loud, does she have friends in her neighborhood and so on. These are just examples, but you can think of some questions on your own. Just remember that the subject has to be about all the things that surround her area or her life. You can do so too, if you have a store that you frequent, be sure to tell the Asian girls about it.

It gives both of you a chance to sort of picture out where the other lives and the other’s life is.


Education is mandatory small talk in most countries. You have the basic question of where did you graduate, what was your school like, how did you spend your school years and so on. There’s a whole slew of questions under this topic so make sure that you think of them ahead of time. Doing this makes for good practice.

Future Plans

Now, this one is a little serious, but it’s an essential question nonetheless. You might need to be careful though because not a lot of people are comfortable with this question being asked by a stranger. You might want to have small talk with the Asian girl first before you ask this heavy hitting question. It’s good for conversation and it’s a way for both of you to find out if you match.

So there you go! Six topic to practice on. Good luck with your conversations with pretty Asian girls and try as much as possible to get out of your shell.