A list of Asian babes in white.

These Asian Babes In White Are Like Angels Fallen From Heaven

The color white is the color of the clouds, the color of purity and virtue, the color of snow and the color these girls have chosen to wear. These babes in white look like angels fallen from Heaven.

Meet The Sweetest Asian Babes In White

They are sweet and beautiful, their complexion accentuated by the white fabric of their clothes and their dark hair contrasting so beautifully against it. Let’s find out more about these amazing girls.


Pretty Xiaoyi is the first girl on the babes in white list.
Xiaoyi looks like an angel, but says she is really rather naughty.

The first lady on today’s list is a 26-year-old Chinese girl. Her name is Xiaoyi and she is a student who currently works as a secretary. The girl with the expressive eyes describes herself as soft and angel-like when you first meet her but says she is rather naughty as you get to know her. In her free time, Xiaoyi likes mountain-climbing, camping dancing, singing, and cooking. She likes action and sci-fi films too. Her type of man is humorous, responsive and loving.


Second on the babes in white list is Xiaoxue.
Romantic Xiaoxue believes there’s someone out there for her.

The second girl on our babes in white list is pretty Xiaoxue. The cute 25-year-old teacher who says she is a true romantic looking for that special someone out there. In her free time, Xiaoxue likes to work out, watch movies and TV series, read books or relax listening to music. She also loves going to cafes and restaurants. Her ideal man is someone who is honest and passionate, someone who can teach her things and share the same interests as her, regardless of his age or location.


Lixuan is the third lady on the babes in white list.
Pretty Lixuan says she is seriously looking for true love.

Third on today’s list is a 27-year-old girl from Guangzhou in China. Lixuan is confident and says she knows how to make a man happy. She is also a staunch believer that love can defeat everything. In her free time, the long-haired beauty likes reading, painting, practicing yoga, playing golf, playing the piano, and doing all kinds of outdoor activities such as climbing and traveling. She describes her perfect type of guy as “loyal, romantic, loving and a bit naughty. Someone who I can live with and can’t live without.”


Birong is the penultimate entry on the babes in white list.
Sensual Birong is a confident and passionate girl who loves to perform.

In the penultimate position of this special list, we find Birong, a 22-year-old lady from Hengyang, China. In her own words, Birong is “a lively, cheerful, generous girl who likes singing, dancing, performing confidently.” She is the kind of person who puts all her passion into life, and she loves to sing, dance, perform and travel around the world. The beautiful Chinese girl hopes to find a life partner who is truly understanding, loving, and compassionate.


Pretty Wenting is the last girl on the babes in white list.
21-year-old Wenting is ready to devote herself to the right man.

We are ending this list with a super-cute girl. Wenting is just 21, but she says she is mature, self-motivated and confident. The tall lady works as a manager in her own tea company, and she claims to know everything there is to know about tea. Wenting believes in finding The One and wants to devote herself to her man when she finds him, body and soul.

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