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Avoiding These Questions May Mean That You’re Partner Is Cheating

There are so many indications that give us clues about our partner having an affair. We usually know if our partner is cheating when he or she hides his or her phone fervently, as though their lives depended on it. Aside from this most obvious clue, you can actually tell if your partner avoids certain questions.

Isn’t Your Partner Answering These Questions? It Could Be A Red Flag

Thinking that your partner is going behind your back is a thought that causes so much pain. Those who have been dating who have gone through this situation before will naturally wonder if their current love is doing or is capable of doing the same thing. But, how would you really know? To start, not answering these questions is an indication:

1. “Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

First of all, you have to understand that there’s a difference between not answering one’s phone once, and not answering one’s phone constantly. You have to question your partner if he or she is not picking up your calls constantly.

Experts say that cheaters can barely keep up with the lies that they are telling so they would rather not share anything at all. Hence, they don’t talk to you nor answer your calls.

2. “Why are you interested in this all of a sudden?”

One sure indication of a person cheating is a change in behavior. For example, if your partner has been talking about one specific person constantly, but now has stopped, you have to wonder. Also, if your partner has begun to do something totally new like diet or exercise, then you have to wonder too. Well, it’s not the case all the time. Just because your partner took up knitting, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is in trouble.

3. “Who were you with and where?”

Just like the first item on this list, your partner is going to want to share as little details with you as possible. This is because they don’t want to mess their lie up, so when you ask this question, your partner will simply skin through it, making the details sound like they don’t matter.

Yes, all three of these questions could mean that your partner is cheating. If the occurrence was only once or twice, then there’s nothing to worry about, but if it becomes a pattern, you need to do be on high alert. For more tips on relationships, make sure to read the rest of the blog.