Attitudes to Curb if You want to Date Korean Girls

Date Korean Girls Online NOWWhen you date Korean girls, you should know that they are known for their flawless complexions and long legs. It also escapes no one how meticulously they maintain their figures and how perfectly sexy they are. These fair oriental beauties are among the most sought after in Asia, and this should come as no surprise to anyone. But to be fortunate enough to have one of these ladies to be your beloved paramour and eventually your blushing bride, there are some attitudes that a man, especially one who comes from an entirely different world, should curb and eventually eliminate.


Never compare and try to change her values and customs.

The Eastern culture is like night as the Western culture is like the day. The similarities of the east and west are like that of oil and water. Some customs may seem weird to a Westerner but will be positively normal for an Easterner.

A man from the West grew up in a culture where gender roles are not stringently in place where it will be perfectly normal for a man to be the homemaker and the woman to be the breadwinner. Not so in Korea. When you date Korean girls, a wife’s role in the household remains particularly rigid where the man works, and the woman stays home to care for the children. In lieu with this, women tend to expect for the man to take the lead in everything.


Not being open enough to learn about the Korean culture.

The western world is fortunate enough to be known worldwide for their culture, or even the lack of it sometimes. She knows more about your culture than you do hers. Wouldn’t it be fair for you to attempt to learn more about her culture? Besides, if you plan to eventually marry your Korean girlfriend, you would need to start to learn a little bit of the language and their specific family custom to ensure you don’t get a veto from her parents.


Never assume that she is easy. Nor should you assume any Korean girl is.

In fact, South Korea is one of the Asian nations which isn’t that open to marrying, even dating foreigners. It’s simply because most Korean parents are still very traditional. In addition to that, Western culture is well identified with a very open sex culture. Sex, although not taboo, is still a reserved topic and even public displays of affection are frowned upon. It may seem that these women are highly sexualized in their pop culture, these women are some of the most conservative ones in Asia. When you date Korean girls, make sure to treat them like the ladies they are.


Do not underestimate her intelligence just because she is pretty.

Korea is a culture that thinks very highly of education and intelligence. This is evident with the time and effort they put in to learning a lot of things. Korean parents are even very encouraging by enrolling their children in English fluency courses, at least 2 to 3 musical instruments, sports, art and painting, and a lot of other things. These women are well exposed and well-travelled so never, ever correlate that since she is outstandingly beautiful, that she is shallow and a bit daft. In this culture, intelligence is chic.


So, that’s it for attitudes that you need to curb when you date Korean girls. These are just a few of the habits foreign men usually extend to these ladies, and if you intend to get serious with one, you better learn to eliminate or minimize these attitudes.